Native Identity

Avere OS‘s native identity feature simplifies SMB configuration by passing Windows security identifiers (SIDs) from a Windows client to the core filer instead of translating the SID into a UNIX-style user or group ID (UID/GID). You can use native identity with NAS core filers or with cloud storage.

Native identity can be used in the following configurations where a Windows client identifier doesn’t have a mapping to a UNIX-style identity:

  • For a NAS core filer:
    • The back-end core filer must have SMB enabled. (You cannot use native identity with NAS core filers that do not support SMB.)
    • The back-end filesystem security style must use SMB ACLs.
  • For a cloud core filer:
    • The filesystem security style must be CIFS ACLs.

The alternative to native identity is to provide mappings between SIDs and UID/GIDs. These user mappings can be stored in an AD or LDAP server.

Native identity can be enabled or disabled from the VServer > CIFS settings page.

updated 2017-02-22