Controlling Access to Core Filer Exports

Core filers expose exports that determine how clients access data from that storage system. The clusters’ vservers use the core filer exports and the filesystem junctions defined in the global namespace (if enabled) to manage how files from back-end storage are presented to clients.

Avere OS uses export policies to provide access control for data on the core filers. An export policy is a set of rules determining how clients are permitted to access data from that export.

For example, an export policy could contain rules that allow clients from a specific netgroup to have read-only access to the export’s files, and disable root squash, while clients from another group have read/write access and all client requests are considered to come from the user “nobody.”

Export rules also can include using Kerberos authentication instead of or in addition to the default UNIX/SYS authentication.

Tips for Configuring Access

Client access rules can be set at two levels:

  • On the core filer export
  • On a global namespace junction

If you do not assign an export policy to a junction, that junction uses the export policy assigned to its core filer export.

When setting access policies, remember to use more restrictive policies closer to the root of the export. That is, there is no point in restricting access to /dir1/dir2/ if you have granted access to /dir1 or to /

Creating and Using Export Policies

The procedure for defining rules and customizing export policies involves both the Export Rules page, where you can define rules, and the pages where they can be applied to exports or junctions. and the Export Policies page in the VServer section of the Avere Control Panel.

  • The VServer > Export Rules page allows you to create or modify rules and policies.
  • The VServer > Export Policies page allows you to choose which policy to use for each export.
  • The VServer > Namespace page allows you to choose an explicit policy for a junction instead of inheriting the policy that was applied to the junction’s export.
updated 2017-02-15