Support & Community

Vision AI DevKit support

The Vision AI DevKit has multiple support channels available to you. We encourage you to start with our Get Help experience, but we also have several other options if you need to dig further.


Get Help

Get Help is a continuously evolving Q&A database about Vision AI DevKit functions and usage. When using it, please use the voting buttons to let us know the quality of the answer you received. Get Help is especially good for explaining the ADB platform tools and how to run Linux commands on the camera itself.


Gitter is a chat space for quick questions and answers with other developers using the Vision AI DevKit.


GitHub, the primary portal for bug submissions and feature requests, can also be used for general support questions. Please ensure you prefix the issue title with ‘Support needed’.

Join the Internet of Things (IoT) tech community

Microsoft’s Internet of Things (IoT) tech community offers you a single entry point for staying up to date on not only Vision AI DevKit topics, but also news and service releases of all of Microsoft’s IoT focused platforms and services.

The IoT Devices channel in Microsoft’s IoT tech community is a place for both asking questions and sharing your experiences with others as you work on your IoT solution using the Vision AI Dev Kit. It is also a place to discuss and learn about Azure IoT services and how to build Vision AI models. All news related to the Vision AI Dev Kit and related services will be posted to IoT Devices tech community.

Issue submission and feature requests


Use the Vision AI Dev Kit GitHub respository for issue and feature request submissions. You can also see from GitHub which issues are already known and when there is a fix expected.