Start fast

Get up and running in minutes, regardless of your current skill level with vision machine learning. Connect your camera to Azure IoT Hub that controls the network traffic between the device and the cloud, and see the camera in action by running a default Vision AI module that recognizes 183 different objects.

Build fast

  • New to Vision ML? Start building a vision model by uploading and tagging pictures, letting Azure Custom Vision Service do the heavy lifting.
  • Experienced with vision ML? Use Jupyter notebooks and Visual Studio Code to create and train custom vision models using Azure Machine Learning (AML). AML services enable you to prepare data and train models. You can then convert the trained model to the custom DLC format and package it into an IoT Edge module to deploy to the Vision AI Dev Kit.

Deploy Fast

Azure IoT Hub can push your containerized vision ML models and other modules to the Vision AI DevKit with ease, whether the camera is on your desk or in another country.

Join the Community

Get help and help others with vision ML projects by joining our Tech Community and Gitter.

Build the intelligent edge

As an Intelligent Edge device, the Vision AI DevKit does inferences and runs containerized Azure services locally in the device. Moving these workloads to the edge of the network means vision ML inferencing work requires less cloud interaction while also enabling quick reaction to local events, allowing operation during extended offline periods.

What's New?

Using Audio
Learn how to use audio from the Vision AI DevKit as input data for IoT solutions. Watch on Channel 9
See how easy it is to set up the Vision AI Developer Kit and connect it to Azure services! Watch on Channel 9
AI@Edge community Visit the AI@Edge portal!
Microsoft is launching an AI@Edge community. Find hardware, ML and cloud resources you need to create solutions using intelligence at the edge
Intelligent Alarm Implement intelligent alarm
See who is visiting your home by implementating an intelligent alarm using Vision Ai Developer Kit
Face API Use Microsoft's Face API with Vision AI Developer Kit
Familiarize yourself with Microsoft's cognitive services by running Face API in the camera to recognize facial characteristics


An Azure IoT starter kit, the Vision AI DevKit can be used with models built and trained using the Azure Machine Learning service and


The Vision AI DevKit features the Qualcomm Visual Intelligence Platform for hardware acceleration of AI models to deliver superior inferencing performance.

Technical Specifications

Vision AI DevKit device image

Vision AI DevKit specs