Training model using Azure Machine Learning and Azure Notebooks

What you will do

  • Train a model using Azure Machine Learning and Azure Notebooks. Deploy the model to your Vision AI Dev Kit device


  • Vision AI DevKit camera
  • Azure Machine Learning workspace

Clone example GitHub and Get Started

  • Clone or download the example GitHub contents (link in the top menu)
  • Login to Azure Notebooks and upload the contents to your Azure Notebook

Prep your environment

  • Change the aml_config/config.json file to match the subscription details for your Azure ML Workspace
  • In case you want to use your own data go to the data folder and create a folder with your data, e.g. my_data.
    • In the my_data folder, copy your data. Each folder name is the label of the images in that folder. For example, the soda_cans folder looks like this:
      • soda_cans
      • coke
      • ice
      • pepsi
  • IMPORTANT: You MUST upload more than 35 images per folder so there’s enough data for training.

Run the notebook

  • Open the 02-mobilenet-transfer-learning-final.ipynb notebook

  • Set the Kernel to Python 3.6

Set kernel

  • Run the notebook by running each cell individually

Run notebook

  • In case you don’t want to run a cell you can change it to markdown

Markdown cell

Configure your IoT Hub details

  • Change the cell content to reflect your IoT Hub. Please note that you can use format:
    • Iot_hub_name=”youriothub”

IotHub Details