Troubleshooting Display Issues

What you will need

Display issues

  • Your display must have a minimum resoltion of 1080p.
  • The RTSP stream for network media playback should be set to 1080p.
  • Televisions or gaming specific monitors may not be recognized by the Vision AI DevKit.
  • Use a direct HDMI connection to the display. Converters, e.g. Display Port to HDMI, will usually cause the output to fail.
  • The neural processing engine (or other parts of the stack) may require a reboot occasionally. The command line

    adb reboot

    will help to reset all sub-systems.

  • The object label presented in the bounding box may appear incorrect. If a new object appears in the space befor the bounding box is drawn, the label of the last object detected will be presented. This is not an inferencing bug.

    logcat | grep SNPE

    will show you the inferenced objects.