Firmware update

What you will do

  • Verify connectivity between your computer and the Vision AI Dev Kit hardware
  • Update the Vision AI Dev Kit firmware

What you will need

  • Vision AI Dev Kit hardware
  • USB-C cable
  • Previously installed Platform Tools (ADB command line utility and Fastboot tool) (instructions)

Verify hardware connection

  1. Connect your computer and the Vision AI DevKit camera using a USB-C cable.

  2. Open a command line prompt on your computer, then use the command line:

Confirm that the platform tools directory (containing the ADB and Fastboot utilities) is included in your computer’s path environment variable. You’ll need this for the firwmare update. For Windows, use the command line:

set path=%path%;<platform tools path>
adb devices

You should see output similar to this, confirming your computer and DevKit are connected properly:

C:\Tools>adb devices
List of devices attached  
efb99xxx        device

If your DevKit is not listed, try rebooting the camera hardware using one of these methods:

  • Click the reset button once, using the pin hole on the right side of the camera.
  • Press the power button on the back once.
  • Use the command line:
adb reboot
  • Long press the power button for more than 12 seconds, to force a power down of the hardware. Then hold the power button for more than 12 seconds again to power up the hardware.

Updating the firmware

The Vision AI Dev Kit hardware must be at least 50% charged before starting the firmware flashing process.

Download and extract the latest firmware

  1. Download the latest firmware released by Altek for the Vision AI DevKit - Latest Firmware

  2. Extract the contents to a directory on your computer. The zip file contains two .bat files for the firmware update in OS specific folders, pdf instructions and the folder that contains the actual firmware files. You can alternatively follow the instruction in the pdf document if you want.

  3. Copy the .bat files (FastbootUpgrade_“version”.bat and VisionAIDevKitInstallCheck.bat) from the OS specific to the same folder where the firmware files are stored.

Update the firmware

  1. Run FastBootUpgrade.bat (exact name of the file may contain a version number)

  2. Follow the instructions given by the batch file. The camera will update and reboot when the process is complete.
    • If you get stuck at the message waiting for device, please reboot the DevKit and run FastBootUpgrade.bat again.
  3. To confirm your device has accepted the updated firmware, check the version using this command line, after the DevKit has rebooted:

     adb shell cat /etc/version