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Release Highlights

  • Metrics advisor libraries now have AAD authentication support.
  • Azure Search Documents is releasing a new GA.
    • Adds support for indexing search documents with intelligent batching, automatic flushing, and retries for failed indexing actions.
  • Azure Event Hubs is releasing a new GA.
    • You can now specify custom endpoint address as a client constructor option to use when communicating with the Event Hubs service, which is useful when your network does not allow communicating to the standard Event Hubs endpoint.
  • Java Cosmos Library is releasing a new GA
    • Contains supports of Connection Endpoint Discovery feature which helps to reduce and spread-out high latency spikes. This release also exposes Beta APIs for Change Feed Pull model, resuming query from pre-split continuation token, and caching query plan for single partition queries with filters and orderby.
  • Java Azure Core library is releasing a new GA
    • Adds support to allow configurability of polling interval on Long Running Operation APIs and also introduces HttpClientOptions to allow reusability of HttpClient passed to SPIs and client builders.

Release Notes