The Azure SDK team is pleased to make available the February 2021 client library release.


  • Azure Core
  • Azure Identity
  • Azure Storage Common
  • Azure Storage Blobs
  • Azure Storage Files Shares
  • Azure Storage Files DataLake

Installation Instructions

To install any of our packages, copy and paste the following commands into a terminal:

# From Vcpkg
vcpkg install azure-storage-blobs-cpp

# From Source
git clone
# git checkout <tag_name>
# For example:
git checkout azure-storage-blobs_12.0.0-beta.8


If you have a bug or feature request for one of the libraries, please post an issue to GitHub.

Release highlights

azure-core Changelog

New Features

  • Added support for HTTP conditional requests MatchConditions and RequestConditions.
  • Added the Hash base class and MD5 hashing APIs to the Azure::Core::Cryptography namespace available from azure/core/cryptography/hash.hpp.

Breaking Changes

  • Removed Context::CancelWhen().
  • Removed LogClassification and related functionality, added LogLevel instead.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed computation of the token expiration time in BearerTokenAuthenticationPolicy.
  • Fixed compilation dependency issue for MacOS when consuming the SDK from VcPkg.
  • Fixed support for sending requests to endpoints with a custom port within the url on Windows when using the WinHttp transport.

azure-identity Changelog

Breaking Changes

  • ClientSecretCredential constructor takes ClientSecretCredentialOptions struct instead of authority host string. TokenCredentialOptions struct has authority host string as data member.

azure-storage-common Changelog

Breaking Changes

  • Removed the Azure::Storage::Md5 class from crypt.hpp. Use the type from Azure::Core::Cryptography namespace instead, from azure/core/cryptography/hash.hpp.
  • Renamed Crc64 to Crc64Hash and change it to derive from the Azure::Core::Cryptography::Hash class.

azure-storage-blobs Changelog

Breaking Changes

  • Removed BreakBlobLeaseResult::Leasetime.
  • Moved Azure::Core::Context out of options bag of each API, and make it the last optional parameter.

azure-storage-files-shares Changelog

New Features

  • Changed type of FileAttributes to extensible enum.

Breaking Changes

  • ListSharesSinglePageOptions::ListSharesInclude was renamed to ListSharesSinglePageOptions::ListSharesIncludeFlags.
  • DeleteShareOptions::IncludeSnapshots was renamed to DeleteShareOptions::DeleteSnapshots.
  • FileShareSmbProperties was renamed to FileSmbProperties.
  • DownloadShareFileOptions::GetRangeContentMd5 was renamed to DownloadShareFileOptions::RangeHashAlgorithm.
  • UploadFileRangeFromUriOptions::SourceContentHash was renamed to UploadFileRangeFromUriOptions::TransactionalContentHash.
  • GetShareFileRangeListOptions::PrevShareSnapshot was renamed to GetShareFileRangeListOptions::PreviousShareSnapshot.
  • Refined CreateShareDirectoryResult and CreateShareFileResult.
  • Removed DownloadShareFileDetails::AcceptRanges.
  • Removed GetShareFilePropertiesResult::FileType.
  • Added RequestId in ForceCloseShareDirectoryHandleResult.
  • Removed TransactionalContentHash from ClearShareFileRangeResult.
  • Changed API signature of ShareFileClient::UploadRangeFromUri.
  • Renamed ForceCloseAllHandles to ForceCloseAllHandlesSinglePage and all related structs.
  • Made all ContinuationToken in return types nullable.
  • Renamed ShareFileHttpHeaders to FileHttpHeaders.
  • Renamed ShareGetPropertiesResult::AccessTierChangeTime to AccessTierChangedOn.
  • Renamed ShareGetStatisticsResult::ShareUsageBytes to ShareUsageInBytes.
  • Renamed ShareGetPermissionResult::Permission to FilePermission.
  • Grouped all file SMB properties into a struct and refined the APIs that return these properties.
  • Renamed numberOfHandlesClosed to NumberOfHandlesClosed and numberOfHandlesFailedToClose to NumberOfHandlesFailedToClose.
  • Renamed FileGetRangeListResult::FileContentLength to FileSize.
  • Renamed StorageServiceProperties to FileServiceProperties.
  • Removed LeaseTime in results returned by lease operations. Also removed LeaseId in ShareBreakLeaseResult.
  • Moved Azure::Core::Context out of options bag of each API, and make it the last optional parameter.

azure-storage-files-datalake Changelog

Breaking Changes

  • Removed DataLakeFileSystemClient::GetPathClient.
  • Renamed SetDataLakePathAccessControlRecursiveListSinglePageOptions::MaxEntries to PageSizeHint.
  • GetDataLakePathPropertiesResult::ServerEncrypted was renamed to IsServerEncrypted.
  • GetDataLakePathPropertiesResult::AccessTierInferred was renamed to IsAccessTierInferred.
  • HttpHeaders of DownloadDataLakeFileResult and DownloadDataLakeFileToResult was moved into Details, to align with Blob service.
  • Removed BreakDataLakeLeaseResult::LeaseTime.
  • Renamed APIs for modifying access list recursively. Used to be with pattern AccessControlRecursiveList, now is with pattern AccessControlListRecursive.
  • Refined options for ScheduleDeletion, to be consistent with other APIs.
  • Renamed ContentLength in PathItem to FileSize.
  • In PathSetAccessControlRecursiveResult, DirectoriesSuccessful is renamed to NumberOfSuccessfulDirectories, FilesSuccessful is renamed to NumberOfSuccessfulFiles, FailureCount is renamed to NumberOfFailures.
  • Moved Azure::Core::Context out of options bag of each API, and make it the last optional parameter.

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