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Release Highlights

  • SDK for JS has released new low level client packages for these services - Azure Purview Scanning, Azure Purview Catalog, Azure Confidential Ledger and Azure Document Translator
  • SDK for JS has released new libraries for the new Azure Web PubSub service, one of them specifically for Express. Azure Web PubSub is a new service for real-time messaging using WebSockets and the publish-subscribe pattern.
  • Azure Communication Phone Numbers SDK for JS released GA for the first time, with version 1.0.0
  • Azure EventGrid SDK for JS has released new GA version. It has added new Storage System Events: Microsoft.PolicyInsights.PolicyStateCreated, Microsoft.PolicyInsights.PolicyStateChanged, Microsoft.PolicyInsights.PolicyStateDeleted, Microsoft.Storage.AsyncOperationInitiated, Microsoft.Storage.BlobTierChanged.
  • Azure Servicebus SDK for JS has released new GA version. It has added support for passing NamedKeyCredential as the credential type to ServiceBusClient and ServiceBusAdminstrationClientand for passing SASCredential to ServiceBusClient. It also has a couple of bug fixes.
  • Azure Communication Services Calling and Azure Communication Services Common are generally available.

Release Notes