Azure SDK Releases

This page provides an inventory of all Azure SDK library packages, code, and documentation. The Client Libraries and Management Libraries tabs contain libraries that follow the new Azure SDK guidelines. The All tab contains the aforementioned libraries and those that don’t follow the new guidelines.

Last updated: Sep 2023

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Name Stable Beta Next Stable
Anomaly Detector
Support: Deprecated
Support ends on 3/31/2023
App Configuration
Support: Active
Azure Blob Storage Checkpoint Store
Support: Active
Azure Monitor OpenTelemetry
Azure Remote Rendering
Cognitive Search
Support: Active
Communication Call Automation
Communication Chat
Support: Active
Communication Common
Support: Active
Communication Email
Support: Active
Communication Identity
Support: Active
Communication Job Router
Communication Network Traversal
Communication Phone Numbers
Communication Rooms
Communication Sms
Support: Active
Confidential Ledger
Container Registry
Content Safety
Core - Client - Abort Controller
Support: Active
Core - Client - AMQP
Support: Active
Core - Client - Auth
Support: Active
Core - Client - Client
Support: Active
Core - Client - Client Paging
Core - Client - Core Rest Pipeline
Support: Active
Core - Client - Core Utils
Core - Client - HTTP
Support: Active
Core - Client - Http Compat
Core - Client - Logger
Support: Active
Core - Client - LRO
Support: Active
Core - Client - Rest
Core - Client - Tracing
Core - Client - XML
Core - Paging
Cosmos DB
Support: Active
Dev Center
Device Update
Digital Twins - Core
Support: Active
Digital Twins Definition Language Parser
Document Translation
Event Grid
Support: Active
Event Hubs
Support: Active
Form Recognizer
Support: Active
Support: Active
IoT Device Update
Key Vault - Administration
Key Vault - Certificates
Support: Active
Key Vault - Keys
Support: Active
Key Vault - Secrets
Support: Active
Language Text
Load Testing
Managed Private Endpoints
Maps Common
Maps Geolocation
Maps Render
Maps Route
Maps Search
Maps Search
Metrics Advisor
Mixed Reality Authentication
Monitor Ingestion
Monitor Query
OpenTelemetry Exporter
Purview Account
Support: Deprecated
Support ends on 10/16/2021
Purview Administration
Purview Catalog
Purview Scanning
Purview Workflow
Schema Registry
Schema Registry - Avro
Schema Registry Json Schema
Service Bus
Support: Active
Storage - Blobs
Support: Active
Storage - Blobs Changefeed
Storage - Files Data Lake
Support: Active
Storage - Files Share
Support: Active
Storage - Queues
Support: Active
Text Analytics
Support: Active
Text Translation
Token Cache Persistence Plugin
Video Analyzer Edge
VS Code Authentication Plugin
Web PubSub
Web PubSub Client
WebPubSub Client SDK Protobuf