• Azure Identity GA release with new Developer Credential types, logging enhancements, proactive token refresh, and authority host support.
  • Azure Cognitive Search SDK for .NET added FieldBuilder to help easily build a search index from a model type.
  • Added ObjectSerializer and JsonSerializer APIs to support pluggable serialization within SDKs.
  • Added support for Key Vault service version 7.1 for Keys, Secrets, and Certificates
  • Java Spring Updates
    • Service Bus JMS starter update underpinning SDK to Java Message Service (JMS) 2.0 preview for Azure Service Bus premium tier, which enables more lift and shift scenarios and significantly increased JMS API compatibility.
    • Added to Java Spring Boot starter of Key Vault to support case sensitive keys, connect to multiple Key Vaults from a single app, Spring Boot Actuator and performance improvements when keys are refreshed.
    • Upgraded underpinning Java Key Vault SDK for Azure Spring starter libraries for better performance, consistency, and compatibility.
    • Azure Spring Boot updated to Spring Boot 2.3.2, which addresses many bug fixes and cleans up all warnings at build time.

Release notes