Azure SDK Latest Releases


Display Name Package MS Docs GH Docs Source Notes
App Configuration
Cognitive Search Replaces: azure-search
Communication Administration
Communication Chat
Communication Sms
Event Grid Will be replaced by: azure-eventgrid 2.x
Event Hubs
Event Hubs - Azure Blob Storage Checkpoint Store
Event Hubs - Azure Blob Storage Checkpoint Store AIO
Form Recognizer Replaces: azure-cognitiveservices-formrecognizer
Key Vault - Certificates
Key Vault - Keys
Key Vault - Secrets
Key Vault Administration
Schema Registry
Schema Registry Avro Serializer
Service Bus Will be replaced by: azure-servicebus 7.x
Storage - Blobs
Storage - File Data Lake
Storage - File Shares Replaces: azure-storage-file 2.1.0
Storage - Queues
Text Analytics Replaces: azure-cognitiveservices-language-textanalytics