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Release Highlights

  • Azure Media Services is releasing C# and Python beta clients for Live Video Analytics that will help simplify interactions with the Microsoft Azure IoT SDKs and programmatically construct media graph topologies and instances.
  • Azure Monitor Opentelemetry exporters second beta release which includes a namespace change from the old “microsoft” namespace to “azure” namespace.
  • Azure Storage is is adding support for new service features in Azure Storage Service API version 2020-04-08.
  • Azure Tables for JavaScript and TypeScript is releasing a new beta for our Azure Data Tables client that improves the precision of the dates being used in the package, and enables this client to communicate with the Azure Storage Emulator.
  • Added support for Cocoapods as a dependency manager for all Track 2 Azure SDKs for iOS.
  • We’re also releasing a new beta client for Microsoft Azure Attestation.
  • Java libraries upgraded to support Netty from 4.1.53.Final to 4.1.54.Final and reactor-netty from 0.9.13.RELEASE to 0.9.15.RELEASE.

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