The Azure SDK team is pleased to make available the August 2020 client library release.


  • Storage


  • App Configuration
  • Identity
  • Text Analytics
  • Key Vault
  • Cosmos DB


  • Service Bus
  • Form Recognizer
  • Search

Installation Instructions

To install the latest preview version of the packages, copy and paste the following commands into a terminal:

pip install azure-appconfiguration
pip install azure-identity
pip install azure-ai-textanalytics
pip install --pre azure-servicebus
pip install azure-ai-formrecognizer
pip install --pre azure-search-documents
pip install azure-keyvault-certificates
pip install azure-keyvault-keys
pip install azure-keyvault-secrets
pip install azure-cosmos
pip install azure-storage-blob
pip install azure-storage-file-datalake
pip install azure-storage-file-share


If you have a bug or feature request for one of the libraries, please post an issue to GitHub.


Detailed changelogs are linked from the Quick Links below. Here are some of the highlights:

Identity Changelog

Breaking Changes

  • User authentication and cache configuration APIs added since 1.4.0b1 have been removed (see the full changelog for details). They will return in 1.5.0b1.
  • Renamed VSCodeCredential to VisualStudioCodeCredential

Text Analytics Changelog

  • Re-released GA version 1.0.0 under new version 5.0.0

Service Bus Changelog

New Features

  • This release continues to move towards feature parity with the existing sdk. Recommend reading migration guide and full changelog for details.
  • Added properties to Message, PeekMessage and ReceivedMessage such as content_type, label, message_id, dead_letter_error_description and delivery_count. Please refer to the docstring for further information, and service bus changelog for full enumeration.
  • Added new supported value types int, float, datetime and timedelta for
  • Added new properties parameters and requires_preprocessing to SqlRuleFilter and SqlRuleAction.
  • Added an explicit method to fetch the continuous receiving iterator, get_streaming_message_iter() such that max_wait_time can be specified as an override.
  • Added support for sending received messages via ServiceBusSender.send_messages.
  • Added on_lock_renew_failure as a parameter to AutoLockRenew.register, taking a callback for when the lock is lost non-intentially (e.g. not via settling, shutdown, or autolockrenew duration completion).

Breaking changes

  • Removed/Renamed several properties and instance variables on Message, PeekMessage, and ReceivedMessage, such as renaming user_properties -> properties and removing annotations settled and expired. Please refer to the service bus changelog for a full enumeration.
  • AutoLockRenew.sleep_time and AutoLockRenew.renew_period have been made internal as _sleep_time and _renew_period respectively, as it is not expected a user will have to interact with them.
  • AutoLockRenew.shutdown is now AutoLockRenew.close to normalize with other equivalent behaviors.
  • Management objects have been renamed (e.g. QueueDescription -> QueueProperties) and had their method parameters adjusted accordingly, with create_* now taking a name parameter instead of a description object, and update_* explicitly taking a properties object (as obtained from get_*) to guard against partial updates. As before, please refer to the official changelog for a more complete enumeration.
  • Renamed idle_timeout in get_<queue/subscription>_receiver() to max_wait_time to normalize with naming elsewhere.
  • Updated uAMQP dependency to 1.2.10 such that the receiver does not shut down when generator times out, and can be received from again.

Form Recognizer Changelog

Breaking changes

  • Version of this package bumped to 3.0.0b1 and now targets the service’s stable v2.0 API
  • Values are now capitalized for enums FormContentType, LengthUnit, TrainingStatus, and CustomFormModelStatus
  • document_name renamed to name on TrainingDocumentInfo
  • Keyword argument include_sub_folders renamed to include_subfolders on begin_training methods

New features

  • FormField now has attribute value_type which contains the semantic data type of the field value. The options for value_type are described in the enum FieldValueType

Search Changelog

New Features

  • new SearchIndexDocumentBatchingClient

SearchIndexDocumentBatchingClient supports handling document indexing actions in an automatic way. It can trigger the flush method automatically based on pending tasks and idle time.


Blob Changelog

New Features
  • GA of v12.4.0, includes features from all preview versions
  • Added support for Object Replication on list_blobs and get_blob_properties
  • Added more support for Blob Tags
  • Added rehydrate_priority to BlobProperties
  • Added support to set tier on a snapshot or version
Key Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug when parsing blob url with / in blob name
  • Fixed blob_samples_query bug
  • Support batch delete empty blob list

File DataLake Changelog

New Features
  • GA of v12.1.1, includes features from all preview versions
  • Added query_file API to enable users to select/project on DataLake file data by providing simple query expressions.

File Share Changelog

New Features
  • GA of v12.2.0, includes features from all preview versions.
  • Stable release of preview feature undelete_share on FileShareServiceClient

Key Vault

Cosmos DB Changelog

  • Added deprecation warning for “lazy” indexing mode. The backend no longer allows creating containers with this mode and will set them to consistent instead.
  • Various bug fixes.

New Features

  • Added the ability to set the analytical storage TTL when creating a new container.

Latest Releases

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