The Azure SDK team is pleased to make available the August 2020 client library release.


  • Identity
  • Azure Key Vault


  • Core libraries
  • Azure Event Hubs
  • Azure Form Recognizer


  • Azure Service Bus

Installation Instructions

To install the packages, copy and paste the below into a terminal.

$> npm install @azure/identity
$> npm install @azure/eventhubs-checkpointstore-blob
$> npm install @azure/ai-form-recognizer
$> npm install @azure/keyvault-keys
$> npm install @azure/keyvault-secrets
$> npm install @azure/keyvault-certificates
$> npm install @azure/service-bus@next


If you have a bug or feature request for one of the libraries, please post an issue at the azure-sdk-for-js repository.


Detailed changelogs are linked from the Quick Links below. Here are some of the highlights:


Identity Changelog

We are happy to announce that the features we had introduced in the preview updates for Identity over the past few months are now stable and out of preview!

New Features
  • With 1.1.0, new developer credentials are now available: VisualStudioCodeCredential and AzureCliCredential.
    • VisualStudioCodeCredential allows developers to authenticate using the credentials available after logging in through the Azure Account extension in Visual Studio Code.
    • AzureCliCredential allows developers to log into Azure using the login credentials after an “az login” call.
    • Both VisualStudioCodeCredential and AzureCliCredential may be used directly or indirectly as part of DefaultAzureCredential.
  • Added the ability to configure the Managed Identity with a user-assigned client ID via a new option available in the DefaultAzureCredential constructor options: managedIdentityClientId.
  • A list of known authorities is now available via a new top-level constant: AzureAuthorityHosts.
  • Introduced the CredentialUnavailable error, which allows developers to differentiate between a credential not being available and an error happening during authentication.

Azure Form Recognizer

We hav yet another preview with some API changes for a generally improved experience and which targets the service version 2.0

Form Recognizer Changelog

Breaking Changes
  • Renamed the includeSubFolders property of the TrainSourceFilter type to includeSubfolders.
  • Renamed the documentName property of the TrainingDocumentInfo type to just name.
  • Removed the containingLine property of the FormWord type.
  • Renamed CustomFormField to CustomFormModelField for similarity to other language SDKs.
  • Removed the redundant expirationDateTimeTicks property from the CopyAuthorization type, as the expiresOn property exists.
  • Moved the optional contentType parameter of the FormRecognizerClient recognition methods (recognizeContent, recognizeCustomForms, recognizeReceipts, and their URL-based variants) to the associated options bag for these methods.
  • Removed exports of several internal types, including most internal poller operation states and some unused types. All client poller implementations now return a smaller subset of fields.
New Features
  • Switched from using the service endpoint version 2.0-preview to the now generally-available version 2.0.

Azure Key Vault Keys, Secrets and Certificates

We are happy to announce that the features we had introduced as a preview a few months ago are now stable and out of preview!


New Features on Keys, Secrets and Certificates
  • Added a serviceVersion property to the CertificateClient, SecretClient, KeyClient and CryptographyClient optional parameters to control the version of the Key Vault service being used by the clients.
    • It defaults to the latest supported API version, which currently is 7.1.
    • The other supported service version at the moment is 7.0.
  • Added recoverableDays as an optional property to KeyProperties, SecretProperties and CertificateProperties, which denotes the number of days in which the Key, Secret or Certificate can be recovered after deletion.
    • This is only applicable for Azure Key Vaults with the soft-delete setting enabled.
New Features on Key Vault Keys
  • Added import to the list of possible values for KeyOperation.
Major Fixes on Key Vault Keys
  • Fixed bug 10352, which caused the cryptography operations on RSA-HSM keys to fail.

Azure Service Bus

We have another preview for you containing API changes for a generally improved user experience.

Service Bus Changelog

Breaking Changes from Last Preview
  • receiveMode parameter in the createReceiver(), createSessionReceiver() and createDeadletterReceiver() methods has been moved into the options bag, now setting the "peekLock" mode by default.


    • OLD: createReceiver(<queue-name>, "peekLock") and createReceiver(<queue-name>, "receiveAndDelete")
    • NEW: createReceiver(<queue-name>) and createReceiver(<queue-name>, {receiveMode: "receiveAndDelete"})
  • Added Async iterable iterators with pagination support for all the listing methods like getQueues(), getTopics(), getQueuesRuntimeInfo(), etc. and renamed them to use the list verb (becoming listQueues(), listTopics(), listQueuesRuntimeProperties(), etc. respectively).
  • receiveMessages()’s optional maxWaitTimeInMs parameter now controls how long to wait for the first message, rather than how long to wait for an entire set of messages. This change allows for a faster return of messages to your application.
  • userProperties attribute under the ServiceBusMessage(and ReceivedMessage, ReceivedMessageWithLock) has been renamed to properties. The same change has been made to the userProperties attribute in the correlation-rule filter.
  • The terms RuntimeInfo and Description have been replaced with RuntimeProperties and Properties to better align with guidelines around the kind of suffixes we use for naming methods and interfaces.
New Features
  • User agent details can now be added to the outgoing requests by passing the user-agent prefixes to the ServiceBusClient and the ServiceBusManagementClient through options. Example user-agent string if the prefix SampleApp is provided to ServiceBusManagementClient: SampleApp azsdk-js-azureservicebus/7.0.0-preview.5 core-http/1.1.5 Node/v12.16.0 OS/(x64-Windows_NT-10.0.18363)
  • Added deadLetterErrorDescription and deadLetterReason properties on the received messages. Previously, they were under the properties in the message.

    OLD:["DeadLetterReason"] and["DeadLetterErrorDescription"] NEW: message.deadLetterReason and message.deadLetterErrorDescription

  • Added tracing support to the methods under ServiceBusManagementClient.

Latest Releases

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