The Azure SDK team is pleased to announce our February 2021 client library releases.


  • Event Hubs
  • Service Bus
  • Search


  • Synapse


  • Form Recognizer
  • Metrics Advisor
  • Text Analytics
  • Event Grid
  • Key Vault
  • Storage

Installation Instructions

To install any of our packages, please search for them via Manage NuGet Packages... in Visual Studio (with Include prerelease checked) or copy these commands into your terminal:

$> dotnet add package Azure.AI.FormRecognizer --version 3.1.0-beta.2
$> dotnet add package Azure.AI.MetricsAdvisor --version 1.0.0-beta.3
$> dotnet add package Azure.AI.TextAnalytics --version 5.1.0-beta.4

$> dotnet add package Azure.Messaging.EventGrid --version 4.0.0-beta.5
$> dotnet add package Azure.Messaging.EventHubs
$> dotnet add package Azure.Messaging.EventHubs.Processor
$> dotnet add package Azure.Messaging.ServiceBus

$> dotnet add package Azure.Search.Documents

$> dotnet add package Azure.Analytics.Synapse.AccessControl --version 1.0.0-preview.3
$> dotnet add package Azure.Analytics.Synapse.Artifacts --version 1.0.0-preview.6
$> dotnet add package Azure.Analytics.Synapse.ManagedPrivateEndpoints --version 1.0.0-beta.2
$> dotnet add package Azure.Analytics.Synapse.Monitoring --version 1.0.0-beta.2
$> dotnet add package Azure.Analytics.Synapse.Spark --version 1.0.0-preview.5

$> dotnet add package Azure.Security.KeyVault.Administration --version 4.0.0-beta.4
$> dotnet add package Azure.Security.KeyVault.Certificates --version 4.2.0-beta.4
$> dotnet add package Azure.Security.KeyVault.Keys --version 4.2.0-beta.4
$> dotnet add package Azure.Security.KeyVault.Secrets --version 4.2.0-beta.4

$> dotnet add package Azure.Storage.Blobs --version 12.9.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.Storage.Blobs.Batch --version 12.6.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.Storage.Blobs.ChangeFeed --version 12.0.0-preview.9
$> dotnet add package Azure.Storage.Common --version 12.8.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.Storage.Files.DataLake --version 12.7.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.Storage.Files.Shares --version 12.7.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.Storage.Queues --version 12.7.0-beta.1


If you have a bug or feature request for one of the libraries, please file an issue in our repo.

Release highlights

Form Recognizer Changelog

Breaking Changes

  • Renamed the model Appearance to TextAppearance.
  • Renamed the model Style to TextStyle.
  • Renamed the extensible enum TextStyle to TextStyleName.
  • Changed object type for property Pages under RecognizeContentOptions from IEnumerable to IList.
  • Changed model type of Locale from string to FormRecognizerLocale in RecognizeBusinessCardsOptions, RecognizeInvoicesOptions, and RecognizeReceiptsOptions.
  • Changed model type of Language from string to FormRecognizerLanguage in RecognizeContentOptions.

Metrics Advisor Changelog

New Features

  • Added support for AAD authentication in MetricsAdvisorClient and MetricsAdvisorAdministrationClient.

Breaking Changes

  • The constructors of multiple classes, including DataFeed, AnomalyDetectionConfiguration, AnomalyAlertConfiguration, EmailNotificationHook, and WebNotificationHook are now parameterless. To see the full list of constructors affected, please check the Changelog.
  • Collection properties are not settable anymore.
  • Create and Add methods won’t return the ID of the created entity anymore. A full object will be returned instead.

Key Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in which setting WebNotificationHook.CertificatePassword would actually set the property Username instead.
  • Fixed a bug in which an ArgumentNullException was thrown when getting a data feed from the service as a viewer.
  • Fixed a bug in which a data feed’s administrators and viewers could not be set during creation.

Text Analytics Changelog

New Features

  • Added property Length to CategorizedEntity, SentenceSentiment, LinkedEntityMatch, AspectSentiment, OpinionSentiment, and PiiEntity.
  • StringIndexType has been added to all endpoints that expose the new properties Offset and Length to determine the encoding the service should use. It is added into the TextAnalyticsRequestOptions class and default for this SDK is UTF-16.
  • AnalyzeHealthcareEntitiesOperation now exposes the properties CreatedOn, ExpiresOn, LastModified, and Status.
  • AnalyzeBatchActionsOperation now exposes the properties CreatedOn, ExpiresOn, LastModified, Status, ActionsFailed, ActionsInProgress, ActionsSucceeded, DisplayName and TotalActions.

Breaking Changes

  • Analyze healthcare was redesigned. It can be accessed now by calling the StartHealthcareEntities and StartHealthcareEntitiesAsync methods. All operations now support result pagination. Renames and structure overall changed. For more information, please see the changelog notes.
  • Analyze operation batch was redesigned. It can be accessed now by calling the StartAnalyzeBatchActions and StartAnalyzeBatchActionsAsync methods. All operations now support result pagination. Renames and structure overall changed. For more information, please see the changelog notes.

EventGrid Changelog

New Features

  • Added TryGetSystemEventData that attempts to deserialize event data into a known system event.
  • Added EventGridSasBuilder for constructing SAS tokens.
  • Added SystemEventNames that contain the names that will be stamped into the event Type for system events.

Breaking Changes

  • Updated GetData method to always return BinaryData instead of object. It no longer deserializes system events.
  • Removed the CloudEvent constructor overload that took BinaryData and replaced with an overload that accepts ReadOnlyMemory<byte>
  • Replaced use of EventGridSasCredential with AzureSasCredential.
  • Removed GenerateSharedAccessSignature in favor of EventGridSasBuilder.

Event Hubs Changelog

New Features

  • Connection strings can now be parsed into their key/value pairs using the EventHubsConnectionStringProperties class.
  • The body of an event has been moved to the EventData.EventBody property and makes use of the new BinaryData type. To preserve backwards compatibility, the existing EventData.Body property has been preserved with the current semantics.
  • It is now possible to specify a custom endpoint to use for establishing the connection to the Event Hubs service in the EventHubConnectionOptions used by each of the clients.

Key Bug Fixes

  • Upgraded the Microsoft.Azure.Amqp library to resolve crashes occurring in .NET 5.

Event Hubs Processor Changelog

New Features

  • Additional options for tuning load balancing have been added to the EventProcessorClientOptions.
  • It is now possible to specify a custom endpoint to use for establishing the connection to the Event Hubs service in the EventHubConnectionOptions for the processor.
  • Interactions with Blob Storage have been tuned for better performance and more efficient resource use. This will also improve start-up time, especially when using the Greedy load balancing strategy.

Key Bug Fixes

  • Upgraded the Microsoft.Azure.Amqp library to resolve crashes occurring in .NET 5.

ServiceBus Changelog


Thank you to our developer community members who helped to make the Service Bus client library better with their contributions to this release:


  • Added virtual keyword to all client properties to enable mocking scenarios.
  • Added ServiceBusModelFactory.ServiceBusMessageBatch to allow mocking a ServiceBusMessageBatch.

Key Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the ServiceBusProcessor where closing and disposing or disposing multiple times resulted in an exception. (A community contribution, courtesy of aarondandy)
  • Fixed issue with batch size calculation when using ServiceBusMessageBatch.

Search Changelog

New Features

  • Added setters for MaxLength and MinLength in LengthTokenFilter.
  • Added a public constructor for SearchIndexingBufferedSender<T>.
  • Added IndexActionEventArgs<T> to track indexing actions.
  • Added IndexActionCompletedEventArgs<T> to track the completion of an indexing action.
  • Added IndexActionFailedEventArgs<T> to track the failure of an indexing action.

Breaking Changes

  • Renamed SearchIndexingBufferedSenderOptions<T>.MaxRetries to SearchIndexingBufferedSenderOptions<T>.MaxRetriesPerIndexAction.
  • Renamed SearchIndexingBufferedSenderOptions<T>.MaxRetryDelay to SearchIndexingBufferedSenderOptions<T>.MaxThrottlingDelay.
  • Renamed SearchIndexingBufferedSenderOptions<T>.RetryDelay to SearchIndexingBufferedSenderOptions<T>.ThrottlingDelay.
  • Removed the helper method SearchClient.CreateIndexingBufferedSender<T>(). Instead, callers are expected to use the public constructor of SearchIndexingBufferedSender<T>.

Azure Communication Administration will be deprecated

  • Identity client is moved to new package Azure Communication Identity.
  • Phone number administration will be moved into a new package Azure Communication Phone Numbers.

Azure Communication Common 1.0.0-beta.4 Changelog

New Features

  • Added MicrosoftTeamsUserIdentifier.

Breaking Changes

  • Renamed CommunicationUserCredential to CommunicationTokenCredential.
  • Replaced CommunicationTokenCredential(bool refreshProactively, Func<CancellationToken, string> tokenRefresher,Func<CancellationToken, ValueTask>? asyncTokenRefresher = null, string? initialToken = null). with CommunicationTokenCredential(CommunicationTokenRefreshOptions tokenRefreshOptions).
  • Renamed PhoneNumber to PhoneNumberIdentifier.
  • Renamed CommunicationUser to CommunicationUserIdentifier.
  • Removed CallingApplication.
  • Renamed Id to RawId in PhoneNumberIdentifier.

Azure Communication Identity 1.0.0-beta.4 ChangeLog

New Features

  • Added CommunicationIdentityClient (originally was part of the Azure.Communication.Administration package).
  • Added support to create CommunicationIdentityClient with TokenCredential.
  • Added support to create CommunicationIdentityClient with AzureKeyCredential.
  • Added ability to create a user and issue token for it at the same time.

Breaking Changes

  • CommunicationTokenScope.Pstn is removed.
  • CommunicationIdentityClient.RevokeTokens now revoke all the currently issued tokens instead of revoking tokens issued prior to a given time.
  • CommunicationIdentityClient.IssueToken returns an instance of Azure.Core.AccessToken instead of CommunicationUserToken.

Azure Communication Chat (1.0.0-beta.4) ChangeLog

New Features

  • Added support for CreateChatThreadResult and AddChatParticipantsResult to handle partial errors in batch calls.
  • Added idempotency identifier parameter for chat creation calls.
  • Added pagination support for GetReadReceipts, GetReadReceiptsAsync and GetParticipants, GetParticipantsAsync.
  • Added new model for messages and content types: Text, Html, ParticipantAdded, ParticipantRemoved, TopicUpdated.
  • Added new model for errors (CommunicationError).
  • Added notifications for thread level changes.

Breaking Changes

  • Updated to Azure.Communication.Common version 1.0.0-beta.4. Now uses CommunicationUserIdentifier and CommunicationIdentifier in place of CommunicationUser, and CommunicationTokenCredential instead of CommunicationUserCredential.
  • Removed Priority field from ChatMessage.

Synapse Artifacts Changelog

New Features

  • Changed APIs on SparkJobDefinitionClient and SqlScriptClient to provide a Long Running Operation (LRO) when operations can be long in duration.
  • Many models classes are now public.
  • Added BigDataPoolsClient, IntegrationRuntimesClient, SqlPoolsClient, WorkspaceClient and associated support types.
  • Support List/Get Synapse resources through data plane APIs.
  • Support Rename operations.
  • Support CICD operations.

Synapse Spark Changelog

New Features

  • Changed APIs on SparkBatchClient and SparkSessionClient to provide a Long Running Operation (LRO) when operations can be long in duration.

Key Vault Changelog

New features

  • Secure Key Release has been removed from this release.

Azure Storage Blobs Changelog

Key Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where BlobBaseClient.CanGenerateSasUri, BlobContainerClient.CanGenerateSasUri, BlobServiceClient.CanGenerateSasUri were not mockable

Azure Storage Blobs Batch Changelog

New Features

  • Added support for Batch Scoping subrequests to a specific container (BlobBatchClient(BlobContainerClient), BlobContainerClient.GetBlobBatchClient()) (available in storage service version 2020-06-12 and newer).

Azure Storage Common Changelog

Key Bug Fixes

  • Aligned storage URL parsing with other platforms.

Azure Storage Files DataLake Changelog

New Features

  • Added support for listing deleted file systems and restoring deleted file systems (available in storage service version 2020-06-12 and newer).

Key Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where DataLakeFileSystemClient.CanGenerateSasUri, DataLakeDirectoryClient.CanGenerateSasUri, DataLakeFileClient.CanGenerateSasUri, DataLakePathClient.CanGenerateSasUri, DataLakeServiceClient.CanGenerateSasUri were not mockable

Azure Storage Files Shares Changelog

Key Bug Fixes

    • Fixed bug where ShareFileClient.CanGenerateSasUri, ShareDirectoryClient.CanGenerateSasUri, ShareClient.CanGenerateSasUri, ShareServiceClient.CanGenerateSasUri were not mockable

Azure Storage Queues Changelog

New Features

  • Added MessageDecodingFailed event to QueueClientOptions.

Key Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where QueueClient.CanGenerateSasUri and QueueServiceClient.CanGenerateSasUri were not mockable.

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