The Azure SDK team is pleased to make available the February 2021 client library release.


  • Search


  • Event Hubs


  • Metrics Advisor
  • Synapse
  • Form Recognizer
  • Text Analytics
  • Key Vault Administration
  • Key Vault Keys
  • Azure Communication Identity
  • Azure Communication Chat
  • Azure EventGrid
  • Azure Monitor Opentelemetry Exporter

Installation Instructions

To install the latest beta version of the packages, copy and paste the following commands into a terminal:

pip install azure-eventhub
pip install azure-ai-metricsadvisor --pre
pip install azure-synapse-managedprivateendpoints
pip install azure-synapse-accesscontrol
pip install azure-search-documents
pip install azure-ai-formrecognizer --pre
pip install azure-ai-textanalytics --pre
pip install azure-communication-identity
pip install azure-communication-chat --pre
pip install azure-keyvault-administration --pre
pip install azure-keyvault-keys --pre
pip install azure-eventgrid --pre
pip install azure-monitor-opentelemetry-exporter --pre


If you have a bug or feature request for one of the libraries, please post an issue to GitHub.

Release highlights

Event Hubs Changelog

  • Added a parse_connection_string method which parses a connection string into a properties bag, EventHubConnectionStringProperties, containing its component parts.
  • The constructor and from_connection_string method of EventHubConsumerClient and EventHubProducerClient now accept two new optional arguments:
    • custom_endpoint_address which allows for specifying a custom endpoint to use when communicating with the Event Hubs service, and is useful when your network does not allow communicating to the standard Event Hubs endpoint.
    • connection_verify which allows for specifying the path to the custom CA_BUNDLE file of the SSL certificate which is used to authenticate the identity of the connection endpoint.
  • Updated uAMQP dependency to 1.2.14.

Metrics Advisor Changelog

New Features

  • AAD authentication support
  • MetricsAdvisorKeyCredential support for rotating the subscription and api keys to update long-lived clients

Breaking Changes

  • list_dimension_values has been renamed to list_anomaly_dimension_values
  • Update methods now return None
  • Updated DataFeed.metric_ids to be a dict rather than a list


Access Control Changelog

  • Update to API version 2020-08-01

Search Changelog

Breaking Changes

  • IndexDocumentsBatch does not support enqueue_action any longer. enqueue_actions takes a single action too.
  • max_retries of SearchIndexingBufferedSender is renamed to max_retries_per_action.
  • SearchClient does not support get_search_indexing_buffered_sender any longer

Form Recognizer Changelog

  • Appearance is renamed to TextAppearance.
  • Style is renamed to TextStyle.
  • Client property api_version is no longer exposed. Pass keyword argument api_version into the client to select the API version.

Text Analytics Changelog

  • Redesigned begin_analyze and renamed it to begin_analyze_batch_actions. Now takes as input a list of actions and documents, and returns the outputted actions results in the same order.
  • Redesigned begin_analyze_healthcare and renamed it to begin_analyze_healthcare_entities. To help with navigation of related entities, we have also added property related_entities for each entity returned from this call.

Azure Communication Administration will be deprecated

  • Identity client is moved to new package Azure Communication Identity.
  • Phone number administration will be moved into a new package Azure Communication Phone Numbers.

Azure Communication Identity 1.0.0b4 ChangeLog

New Features

  • Added CommunicationIdentityClient (originally was part of the azure.communication.administration package).
  • Added ability to create a user and issue token for it at the same time.

Breaking Changes

  • CommunicationIdentityClient.revoke_tokens now revoke all the currently issued tokens instead of revoking tokens issued prior to a given time.
  • CommunicationIdentityClient.issue_tokens returns an instance of azure.core.credentials.AccessToken instead of CommunicationUserToken.

Azure Communication Chat 1.0.0b4 ChangeLog

New Features

  • Support for CreateChatThreadResult and AddChatParticipantsResult to handle partial errors in batch calls.
  • Added idempotency identifier parameter for chat creation calls.
  • Added support for readreceipts and getparticipants pagination.
  • Added new model for messages anc ontent types : Text, Html, ParticipantAdded, ParticipantRemoved, TopicUpdated.
  • Added new model for errors (CommunicationError).
  • Added MicrosoftTeamsUserIdentifier.

Breaking Changes

  • Uses CommunicationUserIdentifier and CommunicationIdentifier in place of CommunicationUser, and CommunicationTokenCredential instead of CommunicationUserCredential.
  • Removed priority field (ChatMessage.Priority).
  • Renamed PhoneNumber to PhoneNumberIdentifier.

Key Vault Administration Changelog

New Features

  • KeyVaultAccessControlClient supports managing custom role definitions

Breaking Changes

  • Renamed KeyVaultBackupClient.begin_full_backup() to .begin_backup()
  • Renamed KeyVaultBackupClient.begin_full_restore() to .begin_restore()
  • Renamed KeyVaultPermission attributes
  • Renamed KeyVaultRoleScope enum values

Key Vault Keys Changelog

New Features

  • Support for Key Vault API version 7.2-preview (#16566)
  • Updated default API version to 7.2-preview

Azure Eventgrid 2.0.0b5 Changelog

  • EventGridSharedAccessSignatureCredential is deprecated in favor of AzureSasCredential.
  • azure.eventgrid.models namespace along with all the models in it are now removed. azure.eventgrid.SystemEventNames can be used to get the event model type mapping.
  • topic_hostname is renamed to endpoint in the EventGridPublisherClient.
  • azure.eventgrid.generate_shared_access_signature method is now renamed to generate_sas.
  • EventGridConsumeris now removed. Please see the samples to see how events can be deserialized.
  • CustomEvent model is removed. Dictionaries must be used to send a custom schema.

Azure Monitor Opentelemetry Exporter 1.0.0b3 Changelog

  • The package azure-opentelemetry-exporter-azuremonitor has been renamed to azure-monitor-opentelemetry-exporter
  • Removed ExporterOptions to favor keyword only args.

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