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Source of the Azure IoT Identity Service and related services.

Installing and configuring the softhsm library

softhsm2 is a PKCS#11 library that emulates an HSM entirely in software. It implements key operations using openssl.

Since the keys are stored on the filesystem, this PKCS#11 library is not recommended to be used in production. It is only an option for development and testing without actual hardware.

  1. Install softhsm2. The library is present in most distro's repositories already.

    sudo apt install -y softhsm2
  2. The softhsm2 configuration and filesystem directory is ACLed to the softhsm group. The Keys Service's user aziotks must be added to this group.

    sudo usermod -aG softhsm aziotks
  3. The softhsm2 configuration is at /etc/softhsm/softhsm2.conf and looks like:

    # SoftHSM v2 configuration file
    directories.tokendir = /var/lib/softhsm/tokens/
    objectstore.backend = file
    log.level = ERROR
    # If CKF_REMOVABLE_DEVICE flag should be set
    slots.removable = false

    The directories.tokendir value defines the filesystem directory for storing PKCS#11 objects. The default value of /var/lib/softhsm/tokens/ is okay - it will also have been created by the package, and be readable and writable by the softhsm group.

The library should now be installed.

Base slot and config.toml

Create a new token and base slot with the following commands:

# A friendly name for the new token
TOKEN='Key pairs'
# The PKCS#11 user PIN for the new token
# The PKCS#11 SO PIN for the new token

# This is the `directories.tokendir` in `softhsm2.conf`
rm -rf /var/lib/softhsm/tokens/* &&
softhsm2-util \
    --init-token --free \
    --label "$TOKEN" \
    --so-pin "$SO_PIN" --pin "$PIN"

echo "PKCS#11 base slot URI is pkcs11:token=${TOKEN}?pin-value=${PIN}"

In the /etc/aziot/config.toml, set the [aziot_keys] section as follows:

pkcs11_lib_path = "<path of the file>"
pkcs11_base_slot = "<the base slot URI printed by the last command above>"

For example:

pkcs11_lib_path = "/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/softhsm/"
pkcs11_base_slot = "pkcs11:token=Key pairs?pin-value=1234"