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Source of the Azure IoT Identity Service and related services.

Configuring the Azure IoT Identity Service

The Azure IoT Identity Service package installs four different services - the Identity Service, Keys Service, Certificates Service, and TPM Service. All of these services can be configured from a single configuration file, called the "super-config".

A template of this file is installed at /etc/aziot/config.toml.template. Copy it to a new file /etc/aziot/config.toml, and edit the file with the details of your device, IoT Hub, etc, based on the comments in the file. Then, run the command sudo aziotctl config apply to apply the configuration to the services.

# Copy the template to a new file
sudo cp /etc/aziot/config.toml.template /etc/aziot/config.toml

# Edit the new empty config and fill in your provisioning information,
# plus anything else you want to customize. See the comments in the file for details.
sudo $EDITOR /etc/aziot/config.toml

# Apply the configuration to the services
sudo aziotctl config apply

If you need to make any changes to the /etc/aziot/config.toml file, do so, then re-run sudo aziotctl config apply to re-apply those changes to the services.