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Source of the Azure IoT Identity Service and related services.

Installing the Azure IoT Identity Service

The Azure IoT Identity Service can be installed on your device by installing the appropriate aziot-identity-service package. Packages are provided for several distributions and architectures on the GitHub releases page for Azure IoT Edge, as of v1.2. Packages for a subset of these distributions and architectures are also available on See the Azure IoT Edge's list of Tier 1 supported platforms for more details.

Install from

sudo apt install aziot-identity-service

You may need to first add the to your repo sources. Instructions can be found here.

Install for an alternative distro / architecture

Download and install the aziot-identity-service pre-built package for your respective distro / architecture from the IoT Edge releases page.

Using Ubuntu 22.04 amd64 as an example:

# query GitHub for the latest versions of IoT Edge and IoT Identity Service
wget -qO- | jq -r '."aziot-edge"'
# example output: 1.4.20
wget -qO- | jq -r '."aziot-identity-service"'
# example output: 1.4.6

# download and install
wget -O aziot-identity-service.deb
sudo apt install ./aziot-identity-service.deb


By design the package conflicts with the iotedge and libiothsm-std packages of IoT Edge v1.1 and earlier. If you're using apt to install the package it will prompt to remove the conflicting packages. Otherwise, be sure to manually remove them before installing the Identity Service.