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Source of the Azure IoT Identity Service and related services.

Managing the Azure Iot Identity Service

The aziotctl CLI tool is used to manage and interact with the services.

See aziotctl --help for the full help. A few notable commands are listed below.

Note that most aziotctl commands need to be run as root.

Applying changes in the super-config to the services

sudo aziotctl config apply

By default, this command expects the super-config to be at /etc/aziot/config.toml. To use a different path, specify the -c / --config parameter.

Stop all services

sudo aziotctl system stop

Restart all services

sudo aziotctl system restart

Note: Since the services use systemd socket activation, this command starts all the socket units but does not start any service except the Identity Service (aziot-identityd.service). The other services (aziot-keyd.service, aziot-certd.service, etc) will automatically start if they need to.