Deploy to Azure App Service

Deploy to Azure App Service

Azure App Service is one of the ways to host Java applications in Azure. After your sample app is running locally, use the Maven Plugin for Azure App Service to deploy the sample app to Azure App Service. This tool creates the resources if they don’t exist.

Modify the pom.xml file

To deploy to Azure App Service, you don’t need to install any separate components. The pom.xml file has a reference in the <build> section for the azure-webapp-maven-plugin artifact.

In the pom.xml file, update the following properties in the <properties> section:

  • azure.webapp.AppName: <App name>
  • azure.webapp.appServicePlanName: <App service plan name>
  • azure.webapp.region: <Region code, such as eastus, westus>
  • azure.webapp.resourceGroup: <Resource group name>

Deploy the application

The plugin section in the pom.xml file has an <appSettings> section, which contains the environment variables and their values. These variable values are copied to the Azure App Service app’s settings.

Screenshot showing the App Service Configuration page.

  1. After you update your configuration information with your values, deploy the application by using the following command:

    mvn package azure-webapp:deploy

    When the project is deployed, a success message appears with a URL for your Azure App Service application.

  2. To verify a successful deployment, run the Curl command on the URL and ensure you get an HTTP status of 200.

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