The Azure SDK team is pleased to announce our April 2024 client library releases.

85 packages released this month.

Stable Packages (14)

  • App Configuration

  • Dev Center

  • Event Grid

  • Identity

  • Identity Broker

  • Monitor Query

  • Resource Management - Data Factory

  • Resource Management - Healthcare APIs

  • Resource Management - Mobile Network

  • Resource Management - NetApp Files

  • Resource Management - Resource Manager

  • Resource Management - Sphere

  • WebJobs Extensions - Event Hubs

  • WebJobs Extensions - Service Bus

Patch Updates (23)

  • Communication Identity

  • Event Hubs

  • Event Hubs - Event Processor

  • Monitor Ingestion

  • Monitor Query

  • Resource Management - App Configuration

  • Resource Management - Authorization

  • Resource Management - Azure AI Search

  • Resource Management - Cognitive Services

  • Resource Management - Cosmos DB

  • Resource Management - Event Hubs

  • Resource Management - Key Vault

  • Resource Management - Log Analytics

  • Resource Management - Managed Service Identity

  • Resource Management - PostgreSQL

  • Resource Management - Redis

  • Resource Management - Resources

  • Resource Management - SQL

  • Resource Management - Service Bus

  • Resource Management - SignalR

  • Resource Management - Storage

  • Schema Registry - Avro

  • Service Bus

Beta Packages (19)

  • Communication Phone Numbers

  • Microsoft Purview

  • Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs.Extensions.AuthenticationEvents

  • OpenAI Inference

  • OpenTelemetry AspNetCore

  • Resource Management - Application Insights

  • Resource Management - Cosmos DB

  • Resource Management - Deviceregistry

  • Resource Management - Event Hubs

  • Resource Management - HDInsight Containers

  • Resource Management - MySQL

  • Resource Management - PostgreSQL

  • Resource Management - Quantum

  • Resource Management - Resource Manager

  • Resource Management - SQL

  • Resource Management - Service Bus

  • Standby Pool

  • System.ClientModel

  • unknown

Release highlights

App Configuration 1.4.0 Changelog

Breaking Changes

  • Removed property MatchConditions from SettingSelector.

Features Added

  • Added ConfigurationSettingPageableExtensions class to support new Pageable<ConfigurationSetting>.AsPages and AsyncPageable<ConfigurationSetting>.AsPages extension methods. This replaces SettingSelector.MatchConditions.

Communication Identity 1.3.1 Changelog

  • Dependency versions updated.

Communication Phone Numbers 1.3.0-beta.5 Changelog

Features Added

  • Add support for number lookup
  • Format only can be returned for no cost
  • Additional number details can be returned for a cost

Dev Center 1.0.0 Changelog

Breaking Changes

  • Renamed AzureDeveloperDevCenterClientOptions back to DevCenterClientOptions

Features Added

  • Added models and models serialization for each Dev Center concept
  • Added methods in the clients returning the serialized model, not only BinaryData

Event Grid 4.23.0 Changelog

Features Added

  • Added API Center events.

Event Grid 4.24.0 Changelog

Features Added

  • Added new Communication events.

Event Hubs 5.11.2 Changelog

Features Added

  • It is now possible for processors extending EventProcessor<T> to disable the batch-level tracing emitted when processing events. This is intended to allow derived processors dispatching single events or partial batches to emit their own trace information that more accurately correlates to the set of events being processed. Previously all events in a batch were tracked under a single span regardless of how they were dispatched for processing.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a warning for “too many parameters” that was written to logs when the processor attempted to log load balancing messages due to improper ETW attribute use.

Event Hubs - Event Processor 5.11.2 Changelog

Bugs Fixed

  • The EventProcessorClient will now create a unique span for each event emitted to the handler for processing. Previously a single span was created for all events in a batch. (#31922)

  • Fixed a parameter ordering error in ETW 22 (EventBatchProcessingError) that caused structured data arguments to be ordered differently than the associated replacement token in the log message.

Identity 1.11.0 Changelog

Breaking Changes

  • DefaultAzureCredential now sends a probe request with no retries for IMDS managed identity environments to avoid excessive retry delays when the IMDS endpoint is not available. This should improve credential chain resolution for local development scenarios. See

Bugs Fixed

  • AzurePowerShellCredential now handles the case where it falls back to legacy PowerShell without relying on the error message string.

Identity Broker 1.1.0 Changelog

Other Changes

  • The UseOperatingSystemAccount property on InteractiveBrowserCredentialBrokerOptions and SharedTokenCacheCredentialBrokerOptions has been renamed to UseDefaultBrokerAccount

Microsoft Purview 1.0.0-beta.1 Changelog

Features Added

  • The first beta release for Purview DataMap

Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs.Extensions.AuthenticationEvents 1.0.0-beta.6 Changelog

Bugs Fixed

  • Made the request validation errors return 400 and the response validation errors return 500.

Breaking Changes

  • Removing ‘TeantId’ from the AuthenticationEventTrigger Attribute API configuration
  • Adding ‘AuthorizedPartyAppId’, ‘AuthorityUrl’ to the AuthenticationEventTrigger Attribute API configuration
  • Adding ‘AuthenticationEvents__ShowPIIDataInLogsKey` (defaults to true) to configuration manager for logging PIIData in logs
  • Updated the Failed and Completed methods to not be async

Features Added

  • Updated token internal validation to utlizie Microsoft.IdentityModel.Protocols.OpenIdConnect to get OIDC configuration.

Monitor Ingestion 1.1.2 Changelog

Bugs Fixed

  • Prevent logs from being dropped when the last entry is greater than 1 Mb.

Monitor Query 1.3.0 Changelog

Other Changes

  • Enable national cloud support for US Gov and China clouds
  • MetricsBatchQueryClient renamed to MetricsClient
  • QueryBatch renamed to QueryResources in MetricsClient
  • MetricsBatchResult renamed to MetricsQueryResourcesResult in MetricsClient
  • Added MetricsClientBuilderExtensions methods

Monitor Query 1.3.1 Changelog

Bugs Fixed

  • Fix bug in LogsQueryClient constructor where a NullReferenceException would be thrown when an options instance isn’t passed.
  • Fix bug in MetricsQueryClient constructor where a NullReferenceException would be thrown when an options instance isn’t passed.

OpenAI Inference 1.0.0-beta.15 Changelog

Features Added

  • EmbeddingsOptions now includes the Dimensions property, new to Azure OpenAI’s 2024-03-01-preview service API.

Bugs Fixed

  • Several issues with the ImageGenerations response object being treated as writeable are fixed:
  • ImageGenerations no longer has an erroneous public constructor
  • ImageGenerations.Created no longer has a public setter
  • ImageGenerations.Data is now an IReadOnlyList instead of an IList
  • A corresponding replacement factory method for mocks is added to AzureOpenAIModelFactory

OpenTelemetry AspNetCore 1.2.0-beta.2 Changelog

Features Added

Bugs Fixed

  • Will no longer emit db.statement_type as a part of SQL custom dimensions. This attribute was removed from the SqlClient Instrumentation Library because it’s not a part of the semantic conventions.

  • Fix runtime crash with Microsoft.Bcl.AsyncInterfaces. (#42426)

Resource Management - App Configuration 1.3.1 Changelog

Resource Management - Application Insights 1.0.0-beta.5 Changelog

Resource Management - Authorization 1.1.1 Changelog

Resource Management - Azure AI Search 1.2.2 Changelog

Resource Management - Cognitive Services 1.3.2 Changelog

Resource Management - Cosmos DB 1.3.1 Changelog

Resource Management - Cosmos DB 1.4.0-beta.6 Changelog

Resource Management - Cosmos DB 1.3.2 Changelog

Resource Management - Cosmos DB 1.4.0-beta.7 Changelog

Resource Management - Data Factory 1.0.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Deviceregistry 1.0.0-beta.1 Changelog

Resource Management - Event Hubs 1.0.1 Changelog

Resource Management - Event Hubs 1.1.0-beta.5 Changelog

Resource Management - HDInsight Containers 1.0.0-beta.3 Changelog

Resource Management - Healthcare APIs 1.3.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Key Vault 1.2.1 Changelog

Resource Management - Log Analytics 1.2.1 Changelog

Resource Management - Managed Service Identity 1.2.1 Changelog

Resource Management - Mobile Network 1.2.0 Changelog

Resource Management - MySQL 1.1.0-beta.5 Changelog

Resource Management - NetApp Files 1.5.0 Changelog

Resource Management - PostgreSQL 1.1.2 Changelog

Resource Management - PostgreSQL 1.1.3 Changelog

Resource Management - PostgreSQL 1.2.0-beta.4 Changelog

Resource Management - PostgreSQL 1.2.0-beta.5 Changelog

Resource Management - Quantum 1.0.0-beta.5 Changelog

Resource Management - Redis 1.3.1 Changelog

Resource Management - Resource Manager 1.11.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Resource Manager 1.12.0-beta.1 Changelog

Resource Management - Resources 1.7.1 Changelog

Resource Management - SQL 1.2.1 Changelog

Resource Management - SQL 1.3.0-beta.6 Changelog

Resource Management - Service Bus 1.0.1 Changelog

Resource Management - Service Bus 1.1.0-beta.5 Changelog

Resource Management - SignalR 1.1.1 Changelog

Resource Management - Sphere 1.0.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Storage 1.2.1 Changelog

Schema Registry - Avro 1.0.1 Changelog

Other changes

  • Added a direct reference to Newtonsoft.Json v13.0.3 to hoist up the version used by Apache.Avro, which has known security vulnerabilities.

Service Bus 7.17.5 Changelog

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an edge case where a cancellation token signaled while waiting for a throttling delay would cause a failure to reset state and service operations would continue to apply the throttle delay going forward. (#42952)

  • Fixed an issue where the ServiceBusSessionProcessor was not respecting ServiceBusSessionProcessorOptions.MaxConcurrentCallsPerSession when ServiceBusSessionProcessorOptions.SessionIds was set to a value. (#43157)

Standby Pool 1.0.0-beta.1 Changelog

System.ClientModel 1.0.0-beta.4 Changelog

Breaking Changes

  • Removed PipelineProtocolExtensions

System.ClientModel 1.1.0-beta.3 Changelog

Features Added

  • Added protected Apply(PipelineMessage) method to RequestOptions so that derived types can extend its functionality.
  • Added Create(Stream) overload to BinaryContent.

Breaking Changes

  • Removed [Serializable] attribute and serialization constructor from ClientResultException.
  • Made value parameter nullable in PipelineMessage.SetProperty method.
  • Made options parameter to PipelineMessage.Apply nullable.

WebJobs Extensions - Event Hubs 6.3.0 Changelog

Features Added

  • Added a new setting to EventHubOptions to allow checkpointing to be disabled for applications that always want to use their initialOffsetOptions when starting to process a new partition.

WebJobs Extensions - Service Bus 5.14.0 Changelog

Features Added

  • Added the MaxMessageBatchSize property to the ServiceBusTrigger attribute to allow configuring the maximum number of messages to process in a batch at the function level.

unknown 0.1.0-beta.2 Changelog

Features Added

  • Added storageSizeInGB paramater to PostgreSqlFlexibleServerData constructor.

unknown 0.1.0-beta.1 Changelog

Features Added

  • Initial beta release of Azure.Provisioning.

unknown 1.0.0-beta.1 Changelog

Initial release of the client.

unknown 1.0.0-beta.2 Changelog

Bugs Fixed

  • Do not fail the submission of the entry if it responds with HTTP status 202

unknown 1.0.0-beta.5 Changelog

unknown 1.0.0-beta.1 Changelog

unknown 0.2.0-beta.1 Changelog

Features Added

  • Split the Azure.Provisioning package into separate packages for each supported Azure service.

unknown 0.1.0-beta.1 Changelog

unknown 0.1.0-beta.1 Changelog

unknown 0.1.0-beta.1 Changelog

unknown 0.1.0-beta.1 Changelog

unknown 0.1.0-beta.1 Changelog

unknown 0.1.0-beta.1 Changelog

unknown 0.1.0-beta.1 Changelog

unknown 0.1.0-beta.1 Changelog

unknown 0.1.0-beta.1 Changelog

unknown 0.1.0-beta.1 Changelog

unknown 0.1.0-beta.1 Changelog

unknown 0.1.0-beta.1 Changelog

unknown 0.1.0-beta.1 Changelog

unknown 0.1.0-beta.1 Changelog

unknown 0.1.0-beta.1 Changelog

unknown 0.2.0-beta.2 Changelog

Features Added

  • Added AddDependency method.

unknown 1.0.0-beta.1 Changelog

Features Added

  • Initial beta release of Azure.Messaging.EventGrid.Namespaces.

Latest Releases

View all the latest versions of .NET packages here.

Installation Instructions

To install any of our packages, please search for them via Manage NuGet Packages... in Visual Studio (with Include prerelease checked) or copy these commands into your terminal:

$> dotnet add package Azure.AI.OpenAI --version 1.0.0-beta.15
$> dotnet add package Azure.Analytics.Purview.DataMap --version 1.0.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.Communication.Identity --version 1.3.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.Communication.PhoneNumbers --version 1.3.0-beta.5
$> dotnet add package Azure.Data.AppConfiguration --version 1.4.0
$> dotnet add package Azure.Developer.DevCenter --version 1.0.0
$> dotnet add package Azure.Identity --version 1.11.0
$> dotnet add package Azure.Identity.Broker --version 1.1.0
$> dotnet add package Azure.Messaging.EventGrid --version 4.23.0
$> dotnet add package Azure.Messaging.EventGrid --version 4.24.0
$> dotnet add package Azure.Messaging.EventGrid.Namespaces --version 1.0.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.Messaging.EventHubs --version 5.11.2
$> dotnet add package Azure.Messaging.EventHubs.Processor --version 5.11.2
$> dotnet add package Azure.Messaging.ServiceBus --version 7.17.5
$> dotnet add package Azure.Monitor.Ingestion --version 1.1.2
$> dotnet add package Azure.Monitor.OpenTelemetry.AspNetCore --version 1.2.0-beta.2
$> dotnet add package Azure.Monitor.Query --version 1.3.0
$> dotnet add package Azure.Monitor.Query --version 1.3.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.Provisioning --version 0.1.0-beta.2
$> dotnet add package Azure.Provisioning --version 0.1.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.Provisioning --version 0.2.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.Provisioning --version 0.2.0-beta.2
$> dotnet add package Azure.Provisioning.AppConfiguration --version 0.1.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.Provisioning.ApplicationInsights --version 0.1.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.Provisioning.CognitiveServices --version 0.1.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.Provisioning.CosmosDB --version 0.1.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.Provisioning.EventHubs --version 0.1.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.Provisioning.KeyVault --version 0.1.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.Provisioning.OperationalInsights --version 0.1.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.Provisioning.PostgreSql --version 0.1.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.Provisioning.Redis --version 0.1.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.Provisioning.Resources --version 0.1.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.Provisioning.Search --version 0.1.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.Provisioning.ServiceBus --version 0.1.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.Provisioning.SignalR --version 0.1.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.Provisioning.Sql --version 0.1.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.Provisioning.Storage --version 0.1.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager --version 1.11.0
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager --version 1.12.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.AppConfiguration --version 1.3.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.ApplicationInsights --version 1.0.0-beta.5
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.Authorization --version 1.1.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.CognitiveServices --version 1.3.2
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.CosmosDB --version 1.3.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.CosmosDB --version 1.4.0-beta.6
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.CosmosDB --version 1.3.2
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.CosmosDB --version 1.4.0-beta.7
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.DataFactory --version 1.0.0
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.DeviceRegistry --version 1.0.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.EventHubs --version 1.0.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.EventHubs --version 1.1.0-beta.5
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.HDInsight.Containers --version 1.0.0-beta.3
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.HealthcareApis --version 1.3.0
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.KeyVault --version 1.2.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.ManagedServiceIdentities --version 1.2.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.MigrationDiscoverySap --version 1.0.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.MobileNetwork --version 1.2.0
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.MySql --version 1.1.0-beta.5
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.NetApp --version 1.5.0
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.OperationalInsights --version 1.2.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.PostgreSql --version 1.1.2
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.PostgreSql --version 1.1.3
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.PostgreSql --version 1.2.0-beta.4
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.PostgreSql --version 1.2.0-beta.5
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.Quantum --version 1.0.0-beta.5
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.Redis --version 1.3.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.Resources --version 1.7.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.ScVmm --version 1.0.0-beta.5
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.Search --version 1.2.2
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.ServiceBus --version 1.0.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.ServiceBus --version 1.1.0-beta.5
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.SignalR --version 1.1.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.Sphere --version 1.0.0
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.Sql --version 1.2.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.Sql --version 1.3.0-beta.6
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.StandbyPool --version 1.0.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.Storage --version 1.2.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.Security.CodeTransparency --version 1.0.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.Security.CodeTransparency --version 1.0.0-beta.2
$> dotnet add package Microsoft.Azure.Data.SchemaRegistry.ApacheAvro --version 1.0.1
$> dotnet add package Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs.Extensions.AuthenticationEvents --version 1.0.0-beta.6
$> dotnet add package Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs.Extensions.EventHubs --version 6.3.0
$> dotnet add package Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs.Extensions.ServiceBus --version 5.14.0
$> dotnet add package System.ClientModel --version 1.0.0-beta.4
$> dotnet add package System.ClientModel --version 1.1.0-beta.3


If you have a bug or feature request for one of the libraries, please file an issue in our repo.