The Azure SDK team is pleased to announce our May 2023 client library releases.

33 packages released this month.

Stable Packages (13)

  • Container Registry

  • Core - Client - Core

  • Event Grid

  • Identity

  • Resource Management - Container Instances

  • Resource Management - Core

  • Resource Management - Monitor

  • Resource Management - Network

  • Resource Management - Qumulo

  • Resource Management - Resourcehealth

  • Resource Management - Workloads

  • Service Bus

  • WebJobs Extensions - Service Bus

Patch Updates (5)

  • Event Hubs

  • Event Hubs - Event Processor

  • Resource Management - App Service

  • Resource Management - Data Protection

  • Resource Management - Machine Learning

Beta Packages (14)

  • Anomaly Detector

  • Data Movement

  • Monitor Query

  • OpenTelemetry AspNetCore

  • OpenTelemetry Exporter

  • Resource Management - Container Instances

  • Resource Management - Cosmos DB

  • Resource Management - Event Hubs

  • Resource Management - Hybrid Compute

  • Resource Management - Key Vault

  • Resource Management - Newrelicobservability

  • Resource Management - Paloaltonetworks.Ngfw

  • Resource Management - Selfhelp

  • Text Translation

Release highlights

Anomaly Detector 3.0.0-preview.7 Changelog

Breaking Changes

  • Removed the Value suffix from convenience methods such as GetMultivariateBatchDetectionResultValue is now simply an overload of GetMultivariateBatchDetectionResult

Container Registry 1.1.0 Changelog

Breaking Changes

  • Added sanity check for manifest size at download time: if the manifest is bigger than 4MB, RequestFailedException will be thrown.

Core - Client - Core 1.32.0 Changelog

Features Added

  • Added the GetRawResponse method to RequestFailedException.
  • Added overloads of Operation<T>.WaitForCompletion and Operation.WaitForCompletionResponse that take a DelayStrategy.

Data Movement 12.0.0-beta.2 Changelog

Breaking Changes

  • Combined SingleTransferOptions and ContainerTransferOptions into TransferOptions.
  • If TransferOptions.CreateMode is not specified, it will default to StorageResourceCreateMode.Fail instead of Overwrite.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fix to prevent thread starvation on the DataTransfer.AwaitCompletion
  • Fix to prevent unnecessary OperationCancelledException’s showing up in the TransferOptions.TransferFailed when cancelling a job.

Event Grid 4.15.0 Changelog

Features Added

  • Added new Storage events, StorageTaskCompletedEventData and StorageTaskQueuedEventData.

Event Grid 4.16.0 Changelog

Features Added

  • Added AcsIncomingCallEventData event.
  • Added DeliveryStatusDetails property to AcsEmailDeliveryReportReceivedEventData event.
  • Added HealthCareDicomImageUpdatedEventData event.
  • Added PartionName property to Dicom events.

Event Hubs 5.9.1 Changelog

Bugs Fixed

  • Removed the 30 second cap applied when opening AMQP links; this allows developers to fully control the timeout for service operations by tuning the TryTimeout as appropriate for the application.

Event Hubs - Event Processor 5.9.1 Changelog

Bugs Fixed

  • Removed the 30 second cap applied when opening AMQP links; this allows developers to fully control the timeout for service operations by tuning the TryTimeout as appropriate for the application.

Identity 1.9.0 Changelog

Breaking Changes

  • Changed visibility of all environment variable based properties on EnvironmentCredentialOptions to internal. These options are again only configurable via environment variables.

Monitor Query 1.2.0-beta.1 Changelog

Features Added

  • Added Client Builder Extension methods for LogsQueryClient and MetricsQueryClient
  • Added the QueryResource method to LogsQueryClient to allow users to query Azure resources directly without the context of a workspace.

OpenTelemetry AspNetCore 1.0.0-beta.4 Changelog

Features Added

  • Added ability to configure sampling percentage using ApplicationInsightsSamplerOptions. (#36111)

OpenTelemetry Exporter 1.0.0-beta.11 Changelog

Features Added

  • Resource attributes will now be exported as custom dimensions on Metric telemetry with the name _OTELRESOURCE_. This Metric will be included in every batch of telemetry items sent to the ingestion service. (#36063)

Resource Management - App Service 1.0.2 Changelog

Resource Management - Container Instances 1.1.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Container Instances 1.1.0-beta.4 Changelog

Resource Management - Core 1.5.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Cosmos DB 1.4.0-beta.1 Changelog

Resource Management - Data Protection 1.1.2 Changelog

Resource Management - Event Hubs 1.1.0-beta.2 Changelog

Resource Management - Hybrid Compute 1.0.0-beta.3 Changelog

Resource Management - Key Vault 1.2.0-beta.1 Changelog

Resource Management - Machine Learning 1.1.1 Changelog

Resource Management - Monitor 1.2.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Network 1.2.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Newrelicobservability 1.0.0-beta.1 Changelog

Resource Management - Paloaltonetworks.Ngfw 1.0.0-beta.1 Changelog

Resource Management - Qumulo 1.0.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Resourcehealth 1.0.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Selfhelp 1.0.0-beta.1 Changelog

Resource Management - Workloads 1.0.0 Changelog

Service Bus 7.14.0 Changelog

Bugs Fixed

  • Removed the 30 second cap applied when opening AMQP links; this allows developers to fully control the timeout for service operations by tuning the TryTimeout as appropriate for the application.

  • Fixed potential NullReferenceException when using the ServiceBusProcessor or ServiceBusSessionProcessor.

Features Added

  • The client-side idle timeout for connections can now be configured using ServiceBusClientOptions.

Text Translation 1.0.0-beta.1 Changelog

Features Added

WebJobs Extensions - Service Bus 5.10.0 Changelog

Features Added

  • Added MinMessageBatchSize and MaxBatchWaitTime to ServiceBusOptions to allow configuring the minimum number of messages to process in a batch and the maximum time to wait for a batch to be filled before processing.

Latest Releases

View all the latest versions of .NET packages here.

Installation Instructions

To install any of our packages, please search for them via Manage NuGet Packages... in Visual Studio (with Include prerelease checked) or copy these commands into your terminal:

$> dotnet add package Azure.AI.AnomalyDetector --version 3.0.0-preview.7
$> dotnet add package Azure.AI.Translation.Text --version 1.0.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.Containers.ContainerRegistry --version 1.1.0
$> dotnet add package Azure.Core --version 1.32.0
$> dotnet add package Azure.Identity --version 1.9.0
$> dotnet add package Azure.Messaging.EventGrid --version 4.15.0
$> dotnet add package Azure.Messaging.EventGrid --version 4.16.0
$> dotnet add package Azure.Messaging.EventHubs --version 5.9.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.Messaging.EventHubs.Processor --version 5.9.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.Messaging.ServiceBus --version 7.14.0
$> dotnet add package Azure.Monitor.OpenTelemetry.AspNetCore --version 1.0.0-beta.4
$> dotnet add package Azure.Monitor.OpenTelemetry.Exporter --version 1.0.0-beta.11
$> dotnet add package Azure.Monitor.Query --version 1.2.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager --version 1.5.0
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.AppService --version 1.0.2
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.ContainerInstance --version 1.1.0
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.ContainerInstance --version 1.1.0-beta.4
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.CosmosDB --version 1.4.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.DataProtectionBackup --version 1.1.2
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.EventHubs --version 1.1.0-beta.2
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.HybridCompute --version 1.0.0-beta.3
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.KeyVault --version 1.2.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.MachineLearning --version 1.1.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.Monitor --version 1.2.0
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.Network --version 1.2.0
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.NewRelicObservability --version 1.0.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.PaloAltoNetworks.Ngfw --version 1.0.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.Qumulo --version 1.0.0
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.ResourceHealth --version 1.0.0
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.SelfHelp --version 1.0.0-beta.1
$> dotnet add package Azure.ResourceManager.Workloads --version 1.0.0
$> dotnet add package Azure.Storage.DataMovement --version 12.0.0-beta.2
$> dotnet add package Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs.Extensions.ServiceBus --version 5.10.0


If you have a bug or feature request for one of the libraries, please file an issue in our repo.