The Azure SDK team is pleased to announce our March 2023 client library releases.

66 packages released this month.

Stable Packages (21)

  • App Configuration

  • App Configuration Provider

  • Load Testing

  • Monitor Ingestion

  • Resource Management - Cognitive Search

  • Resource Management - Cognitive Services

  • Resource Management - Container Service

  • Resource Management - Cosmos DB

  • Resource Management - Data Factory

  • Resource Management - Data Protection

  • Resource Management - Hybrid Compute

  • Resource Management - Kusto

  • Resource Management - Recovery Services

  • Resource Management - Reservations

  • Resource Management - Service Bus

  • Resource Management - Storage Cache

  • Resource Management - Storagemover

  • Storage - Blobs

  • Storage - Files Data Lake

  • Storage - Files Share

  • Storage - Queues

Patch Updates (6)

  • Cosmos DB

  • Form Recognizer

  • Monitor Query

  • Service Bus

  • Storage - Files Data Lake

  • Storage - Files Share

Beta Packages (36)

  • App Configuration Provider

  • Communication Email

  • Defender EASM

  • FarmBeats

  • Identity

  • Purview Workflow

  • Resource Management - App Configuration

  • Resource Management - App Platform

  • Resource Management - Application Insights

  • Resource Management - Authorization

  • Resource Management - Compute

  • Resource Management - DNS

  • Resource Management - Data Box

  • Resource Management - Data Box Edge

  • Resource Management - Digital Twins

  • Resource Management - Edge Order

  • Resource Management - Event Hubs

  • Resource Management - Extended Location

  • Resource Management - IoT Hub

  • Resource Management - Key Vault

  • Resource Management - Kubernetes Configuration

  • Resource Management - Managed Service Identity

  • Resource Management - NetApp Files

  • Resource Management - Network

  • Resource Management - Red Hat OpenShift

  • Resource Management - Resource Health

  • Resource Management - Resources

  • Resource Management - SQL

  • Resource Management - Security

  • Resource Management - Storage

  • Resource Management - Storagemover

  • Resource Management - Synapse

  • Resource Management - Voiceservices

  • Resource Management - Workloads

  • Service Bus

  • Text Analytics

Release highlights

App Configuration 1.4.0 Changelog

Other Changes

  • Python 2.7 is no longer supported. Please use Python version 3.7 or later.
  • Bumped minimum dependency on azure-core to >=1.24.0.
  • Changed the default async transport from AsyncioRequestsTransport to the one used in current azure-core (AioHttpTransport). (#26427)
  • Dropped msrest requirement.
  • Added dependency isodate with version range >=0.6.0.

App Configuration Provider 1.0.0b2 Changelog

Features Added

  • Added Async Support
  • Added missing methods for Mapping API
  • Made load method properties unordered.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed Issue where Key Vault Clients couldn’t be set in some situations

Breaking Changes

  • Changes how load works. Moves if from AzureAppConfigurationProvider.load to load_provider.
  • Removed custom Key Vault Error
  • Removed unneeded repr and copy methods.
  • All Feature Flags are added to there own key and have there prefix removed

App Configuration Provider 1.0.0 Changelog

Breaking Changes

  • Renamed load_provider to load
  • Added AzureAppConfigurationKeyVaultOptions to take in a client_configs a Mapping of endpoints to client kwargs instead of taking in the whole client.
  • Removed AzureAppConfigurationKeyVaultOptions secret_clients, client_configs should be used instead.
  • Made key_filter and label_filter kwargs for Setting Selector
  • Renamed trimmed_key_prefixes to trim_prefixes

Communication Email 1.0.0b2 Changelog

Features Added

  • Adding support for AAD token authentication
  • Added the ability to specify the API version by an optional api_version keyword parameter.

Breaking Changes

  • Made the SDK Model-less. Objects are now constructed using a dictionary instead of a model.
  • Reworked the SDK to follow the LRO (long running operation) approach. The ‘begin_send’ method returns a poller that can be used to check for the status of sending the email and retrieve the result. The return object has been adjusted to fit this approach.
  • The get_send_status method has been removed.
  • The sender property has been changed to senderAddress.
  • The email property under the recipient object has been changed to address.
  • The attachmentType property under attachments has been changed to ‘contentType’. This now accepts the attachment mime type.
  • The contentBytesBase64 property under attachments has been changed to contentInBase64
  • Custom headers in the email message are now key/value pairs.
  • The importance property was removed. Email importance can now be specified through either the x-priority or x-msmail-priority custom headers.

Cosmos DB 4.3.1 Changelog

Features Added

  • Added correlated_activity_id for query operations
  • Added cross regional retries for Service Unavailable/Request Timeouts for read/Query Plan operations
  • GA release of CosmosHttpLoggingPolicy and autoscale feature

Bugs Fixed

  • Bug fix to address queries with VALUE MAX (or any other aggregate) that run into an issue if the query is executed on a container with at least one “empty” partition.

Defender EASM 1.0.0b1 Changelog

  • Initial Release

FarmBeats 1.0.0b2 Changelog

Breaking Changes

  • Removing primaryBoundaryId & boundaryIds from Field and Seasonal Field
  • Removing isPrimary flag from Boundary
  • Removing avgYields from Seasonal Field
  • Renaming Farmer to Party
  • Renaming CropVariety to CropProduct
  • Updated dependency from azure-core<2.0.0,>=1.2.2 to azure-core<2.0.0,>=1.24.0

Features Added

  • Adding clients for Sensor Integration which includes crud operations on DeviceDataModels, Devices, SensorDataModels, Sensors, SensorMappings, SensorPartnerIntegration and get Sensor events.
  • Adding new APIs for STAC search and get feature
  • Adding breedingMethods and Measurements as part of Crop Entity
  • Adding geographicIdentifier as part of Season Entity
  • Adding trait, relativeMeasurements and treatments as part of CropVariety Entity
  • Adding type, crs, centroid and bbox(bounding box of the geometry) as part of Boundary Entity
  • Adding Source field in Farmer, Farm, Field, Seasonal Field, Boundary, Crop, Crop variety, Season and Attachment
  • CreatedBy and ModifiedBy in all entities
  • Measure renamed to measurements in Prescription & Crop
  • Acreage renamed to area in Boundary
  • Get Feature and Search Feature APIs for Sentinel 2 L2A and Sentinel 2 L1C STAC collections
  • Adding Weather Data APIs to fetch IBM weather data

Form Recognizer 3.2.1 Changelog

Bugs Fixed

  • Corrected typing for invoice argument in begin_recognize_invoices() on async FormRecognizerClient.
  • Fixed issue when calling to_dict() on DocumentField where value is not returned for address and currency fields.
  • Corrected typing for form_type_confidence property on RecognizedForm.
  • Corrected typing for appearance property on FormLine.

Identity 1.13.0b3 Changelog

Features Added

  • Changed parameter from instance_discovery to disable_instance_discovery to make it more explicit.
  • Service principal credentials now enable support for Continuous Access Evaluation (CAE). This indicates to Azure Active Directory that your application can handle CAE claims challenges.

Load Testing 1.0.0 Changelog

Breaking Changes

  • moved all operations under azure.developer.loadtesting.LoadTestingClient.test_run to azure.developer.loadtesting.LoadTestRunClient
  • moved all operations under azure.developer.loadtesting.LoadTestingClient.administration to azure.developer.loadtesting.LoadTestAdministrationClient
  • moved all operations under azure.developer.loadtesting.aio.LoadTestingClient.test_run to azure.developer.loadtesting.aio.LoadTestRunClient
  • moved all operations under azure.developer.loadtesting.aio.LoadTestingClient.administration to azure.developer.loadtesting.aio.LoadTestAdministrationClient
  • removed azure.developer.loadtesting.LoadTestingClient.administration.upload_test_file as it moved all functionality to azure.developer.loadtesting.LoadTestAdministrationClient.begin_upload_test_file
  • removed azure.developer.loadtesting.aio.LoadTestingClient.administration.upload_test_file as it moved all functionality to azure.developer.loadtesting.aio.LoadTestAdministrationClient.begin_upload_test_file
  • removed azure.developer.loadtesting.LoadTestingClient.test_run.create_or_update_test_run as it moved all functionality to azure.developer.loadtesting.LoadTestRunClient.begin_test_run
  • removed azure.developer.loadtesting.aio.LoadTestingClient.test_run.create_or_update_test_run as it moved all functionality to azure.developer.loadtesting.aio.LoadTestRunClient.begin_test_run
  • removed azure.developer.loadtesting.aio.LoadTestingClient.test_run.list_metric_definitions as it moved all functionality to azure.developer.loadtesting.aio.LoadTestRunClient.get_metric_definitions
  • removed azure.developer.loadtesting.LoadTestingClient.test_run.list_metric_definitions as it moved all functionality to azure.developer.loadtesting.LoadTestRunClient.get_metric_definitions
  • removed azure.developer.loadtesting.aio.LoadTestingClient.test_run.list_metric_definitions as it moved all functionality to azure.developer.loadtesting.aio.LoadTestRunClient.get_metric_definitions
  • removed azure.developer.loadtesting.LoadTestingClient.test_run.list_metric_namespaces as it moved all functionality to azure.developer.loadtesting.LoadTestRunClient.get_metric_namespaces

Monitor Ingestion 1.0.0 Changelog

Breaking Changes

  • Removed support for max_concurrency

Features Added

  • Added new on_error parameter to the upload method to allow users to handle errors in their own way.
  • An LogsUploadError class was added to encapsulate information about the error. An instance of this class is passed to the on_error callback.
  • Added IO support for upload. Now IO streams can be passed in using the logs parameter. (#28373)

Monitor Query 1.1.1 Changelog

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug where the incorrect key time_stamp (should be timeStamp) was used in the creation of MetricValue objects (thanks @jamespic). (#28777)

Purview Workflow 1.0.0b1 Changelog

  • Initial release of the Purview Workflow client library for Python

Resource Management - App Configuration 3.0.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - App Platform 8.0.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Application Insights 4.0.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Authorization 3.1.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Cognitive Search 9.0.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Cognitive Services 13.4.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Compute 29.2.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Container Service 21.2.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Cosmos DB 9.0.0 Changelog

Resource Management - DNS 8.1.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Data Box 2.0.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Data Box Edge 2.0.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Data Factory 3.0.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Data Protection 1.0.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Digital Twins 6.4.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Edge Order 2.0.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Event Hubs 11.0.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Extended Location 1.2.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Hybrid Compute 8.0.0 Changelog

Resource Management - IoT Hub 2.4.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Key Vault 10.2.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Kubernetes Configuration 3.0.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Kusto 3.1.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Managed Service Identity 7.1.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - NetApp Files 9.0.2b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Network 23.0.0b2 Changelog

Resource Management - Recovery Services 2.3.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Red Hat OpenShift 1.3.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Reservations 2.2.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Resource Health 1.0.0b3 Changelog

Resource Management - Resources 22.1.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Resources 23.0.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - SQL 4.0.0b8 Changelog

Resource Management - Security 4.0.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Security 4.0.0b2 Changelog

Resource Management - Service Bus 8.2.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Storage 21.1.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Storage Cache 1.4.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Storagemover 1.0.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Storagemover 1.0.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Synapse 2.1.0b7 Changelog

Resource Management - Voiceservices 1.0.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Workloads 1.0.0b3 Changelog

Service Bus 7.8.3 Changelog

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug where asynchronous method to add distributed tracing attributes was not being awaited (Issue #28738).

Service Bus 7.9.0b1 Changelog

Features Added

  • Iterator receiving from Service Bus entities has been added back in.

Storage - Blobs 12.15.0 Changelog

Features Added

  • Stable release of features from 12.15.0b1
  • The download_blob API now returns creation_time on the download response.

Storage - Files Data Lake 12.10.0 Changelog

Features Added

  • Stable release of features from 12.10.0b1

Storage - Files Data Lake 12.10.1 Changelog

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed “duplicate type signatures” MyPy error.

Storage - Files Share 12.11.0 Changelog

Features Added

  • Stable release of features from 12.11.0b1

Storage - Files Share 12.11.1 Changelog

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed “duplicate type signatures” MyPy error.

Storage - Queues 12.6.0 Changelog

Features Added

  • Stable release of features from 12.6.0b1

Text Analytics 5.3.0b2 Changelog

Breaking Changes

  • Removed models BaseResolution and BooleanResolution.
  • Removed enum value BooleanResolution from ResolutionKind.
  • Renamed model AbstractSummaryAction to AbstractiveSummaryAction.
  • Renamed model AbstractSummaryResult to AbstractiveSummaryResult.
  • Removed keyword argument autodetect_default_language from long-running operation APIs.

Features Added

  • Added begin_extract_summary client method to perform extractive summarization on documents.
  • Added begin_abstractive_summary client method to perform abstractive summarization on documents.

Latest Releases

View all the latest versions of Python packages here.

Installation Instructions

To install the latest beta version of the packages, copy and paste the following commands into a terminal:

$> pip install azure-agrifood-farming==1.0.0b2
$> pip install azure-ai-formrecognizer==3.2.1
$> pip install azure-ai-textanalytics==5.3.0b2
$> pip install azure-appconfiguration==1.4.0
$> pip install azure-appconfiguration-provider==1.0.0b2
$> pip install azure-appconfiguration-provider==1.0.0
$> pip install azure-communication-email==1.0.0b2
$> pip install azure-cosmos==4.3.1
$> pip install azure-defender-easm==1.0.0b1
$> pip install azure-developer-loadtesting==1.0.0
$> pip install azure-identity==1.13.0b3
$> pip install azure-mgmt-appconfiguration==3.0.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-applicationinsights==4.0.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-appplatform==8.0.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-authorization==3.1.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-cognitiveservices==13.4.0
$> pip install azure-mgmt-compute==29.2.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-containerservice==21.2.0
$> pip install azure-mgmt-cosmosdb==9.0.0
$> pip install azure-mgmt-databox==2.0.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-databoxedge==2.0.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-datafactory==3.0.0
$> pip install azure-mgmt-dataprotection==1.0.0
$> pip install azure-mgmt-digitaltwins==6.4.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-dns==8.1.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-edgeorder==2.0.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-eventhub==11.0.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-extendedlocation==1.2.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-hybridcompute==8.0.0
$> pip install azure-mgmt-iothub==2.4.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-keyvault==10.2.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-kubernetesconfiguration==3.0.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-kusto==3.1.0
$> pip install azure-mgmt-msi==7.1.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-netapp==9.0.2b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-network==23.0.0b2
$> pip install azure-mgmt-recoveryservices==2.3.0
$> pip install azure-mgmt-redhatopenshift==1.3.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-reservations==2.2.0
$> pip install azure-mgmt-resource==22.1.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-resource==23.0.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-resourcehealth==1.0.0b3
$> pip install azure-mgmt-search==9.0.0
$> pip install azure-mgmt-security==4.0.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-security==4.0.0b2
$> pip install azure-mgmt-servicebus==8.2.0
$> pip install azure-mgmt-sql==4.0.0b8
$> pip install azure-mgmt-storage==21.1.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-storagecache==1.4.0
$> pip install azure-mgmt-storagemover==1.0.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-storagemover==1.0.0
$> pip install azure-mgmt-synapse==2.1.0b7
$> pip install azure-mgmt-voiceservices==1.0.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-workloads==1.0.0b3
$> pip install azure-monitor-ingestion==1.0.0
$> pip install azure-monitor-query==1.1.1
$> pip install azure-purview-workflow==1.0.0b1
$> pip install azure-servicebus==7.8.3
$> pip install azure-servicebus==7.9.0b1
$> pip install azure-storage-blob==12.15.0
$> pip install azure-storage-file-datalake==12.10.0
$> pip install azure-storage-file-datalake==12.10.1
$> pip install azure-storage-file-share==12.11.0
$> pip install azure-storage-file-share==12.11.1
$> pip install azure-storage-queue==12.6.0


If you have a bug or feature request for one of the libraries, please post an issue to GitHub.