The Azure SDK team is pleased to announce our February 2023 client library releases.

6 packages released this month.

Stable Packages (3)

  • Attestation

  • Core

  • Identity

Beta Packages (3)

  • Storage - Blobs

  • Storage - Files Shares

  • Tracing

Release highlights

Attestation 1.1.0 Changelog

Breaking Changes

  • Changed AttestationClient::AttestTpm to match AttestOpenEnclave and AttestSgxEnclave:
  • Added std::vector<uint8_t> dataToAttest parameter to the AttestTpm() client method.
  • Removed Payload in TpmAttestationOptions.
  • Changed TpmResult in TpmAttestationResult to type std::vector<uint8_t>.

Core 1.8.0 Changelog

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed bug in WinHTTP client which caused the IgnoreUnknownCertificateAuthority and EnableCertificateRevocationListCheck fields to be ignored if they were passed in from TransportOptions.
  • [#4206] Fixed connectivity issues in libcurl HTTP transport which can occur if a TCP connection is dropped prematurely. (A community contribution, courtesy of ahojnnes)

Features Added

  • Added support for parsing space character in place of ‘T’ in RFC3339 DateTimes.
  • Added support for HTTP proxy servers, both unauthenticated and with basic authentication.
  • Added universal support for several TLS options:
  • Added the ability to set the expected TLS root certificate for TLS connection (useful if a proxy server uses a TLS certificate that is not chained to a known root).
  • Added the ability to enable TLS certificate revocation list checks (off by default).
  • For libcurl only: Allow TLS connection to succeed if CRL retrieval fails.
  • NOTE: This change only applies if libcurl is built using the OpenSSL crypto backend. It does NOT apply if libcurl uses the schannel (Windows default) or SecureTransport (macOS/iOS default).

Breaking Changes

  • Changed the name of several distributed tracing HTTP span attributes:
  • requestId is renamed to az.client_request_id
  • serviceRequestId is renamed to az.service_request_id

  • Bearer token authentication will not work for endpoint URL protocol schemes other than "https". This ensures token security and is consistent with the Azure SDKs for other languages.

  • Removed noexcept specification from Azure::DateTime::clock::now().

  • Updated retry policy timeouts to conform to Azure guidelines.
  • The default delay between retries is changed from 4 seconds to 800ms.
  • The maximum retry delay is changed from 2 minutes to 60 seconds (one minute).

If the original behavior is desired, customers can adjust these timeouts by changing the RetryDelay and MaxRetryDelay fields in the RetryOptions structure.

Identity 1.4.0 Changelog

Features Added

  • Added token caching. To benefit from it, share the shared_ptr to the same credential instance between multiple client instances.
  • Added Azure CLI Credential.
  • Added authority host overriding support for ClientCertificateCredential.
  • Added Azure Stack support for ClientCertificateCredential.
  • Added Azure App Service API version 2019-08-01 support for ManagedIdentityCredential.

Storage - Blobs 12.7.0-beta.1 Changelog

Features Added

  • Bumped up API version to 2021-12-02.
  • Added support for new access tier Cold.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug where setting premium page blob tier operations always fail.

Storage - Files Shares 12.4.0-beta.1 Changelog

Features Added

  • Bumped up API version to 2021-12-02.
  • Added support for invalid xml characters in file and directory names for ShareDirectoryClient::ListFilesAndDirectories(), ShareDirectoryClient::ListHandles() and ShareFileClient::ListHandles().

Tracing 1.0.0-beta.4 Changelog

Features Added

  • Aligned OpenTelemetry tracing infrastructure with OpenTelemetry 1.17.0 conventions for use with Azure Monitor.

Latest Releases

View all the latest versions of C++ packages here.

Installation Instructions

To install any of our packages, copy and paste the following commands into a terminal:

# From Source
git clone
# git checkout <tag_name>
# For example:
git checkout azure-storage-blobs_12.0.0


If you have a bug or feature request for one of the libraries, please post an issue to GitHub.