The Azure SDK team is pleased to announce our November 2022 client library releases.

88 packages released this month.

Stable Packages (9)

  • Identity

  • Machine Learning

  • Resource Management - Azure VMware Solution

  • Resource Management - Cognitive Services

  • Resource Management - Container Service

  • Resource Management - Data Factory

  • Resource Management - Network

  • Resource Management - Nginx

  • Resource Management - Redis

Patch Updates (10)

  • Blobs

  • Communication Identity

  • Core - Client - Core

  • Event Grid

  • Files Data Lake

  • Files Shares

  • Resource Management - Data Factory

  • Resource Management - NetApp

  • Resource Management - Resources

  • Text Analytics

Beta Packages (62)

  • Cognitive Search

  • Conversation Analysis

  • DevCenter

  • Load Testing

  • Monitor OpenTelemetry Exporter

  • Personalizer

  • Resource Management - Devcenter

  • Resource Management - Advisor

  • Resource Management - Attestation

  • Resource Management - Bare Metal Infrastructure

  • Resource Management - Billing

  • Resource Management - Confluent

  • Resource Management - Content Delivery Network

  • Resource Management - Cosmos DB

  • Resource Management - Cost Management

  • Resource Management - Custom Providers

  • Resource Management - Data Share

  • Resource Management - Datadog

  • Resource Management - Deployment Manager

  • Resource Management - Desktop Virtualization

  • Resource Management - Dev Spaces

  • Resource Management - DevTest Labs

  • Resource Management - Elastic

  • Resource Management - Guest Config

  • Resource Management - HANA on Azure

  • Resource Management - Health Bot

  • Resource Management - Hybrid Kubernetes

  • Resource Management - Logic Apps

  • Resource Management - Logz

  • Resource Management - Machine Learning Compute

  • Resource Management - Managed Services

  • Resource Management - Management Groups

  • Resource Management - Management Partner

  • Resource Management - Maps

  • Resource Management - Marketplace Ordering

  • Resource Management - Mixed Reality

  • Resource Management - Operations Management

  • Resource Management - Peering

  • Resource Management - Portal

  • Resource Management - Power BI Dedicated

  • Resource Management - Private DNS

  • Resource Management - Purview

  • Resource Management - Quantum

  • Resource Management - Quota

  • Resource Management - Rdbms

  • Resource Management - Recovery Services Backup

  • Resource Management - Relay

  • Resource Management - Resource Mover

  • Resource Management - SQL

  • Resource Management - Search

  • Resource Management - Serial Console

  • Resource Management - Service Fabric

  • Resource Management - Storage Import Export

  • Resource Management - Storage Pool

  • Resource Management - Storage Sync

  • Resource Management - Support

  • Resource Management - Test Base

  • Resource Management - Time Series Insights

  • Resource Management - VM Ware Cloud Simple

  • Resource Management - Web PubSub

  • Resource Management - Work Load Monitor

  • azure-mgmt-elasticsan

Release highlights

Blobs 12.14.1 Changelog

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed possible ValueError for invalid content range that gets raised when downloading empty blobs through Azurite.

Cognitive Search 11.4.0b2 Changelog

Features Added

  • Enabled OcrSkill and ImageAnalysisSkill

Communication Identity 1.3.1 Changelog

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the logic of PhoneNumberIdentifier to always maintain the original phone number string whether it included the leading + sign or not.

Conversation Analysis 1.1.0b3 Changelog

Features Added

  • Added support for the “ConversationalSentimentTask” kind with begin_conversation_analysis.
  • Added support for “chapterTitle” and “narrative” summaryAspects options for ConversationalSummarizationTasks.
  • Added methods to the ConversationAuthoringClient to manage deployment resources:
  • begin_assign_deployment_resources
  • get_assign_deployment_resources_status
  • begin_unassign_deployment_resources
  • get_unassign_deployment_resources_status
  • begin_delete_deployment_from_resources
  • get_deployment_delete_from_resources_status
  • begin_load_snapshot
  • get_load_snapshot_status
  • list_assigned_resource_deployments
  • list_deployment_resources
  • Added optional trained_model_label keyword argument to begin_export_project.

Core - Client - Core 1.26.1 Changelog

Other Changes

  • Added example of RequestsTransport with custom session. (thanks to @inirudebwoy for the contribution) #26768
  • Added Python 3.11 support.

DevCenter 1.0.0b1 Changelog

  • Initial version for the DevCenter service

Event Grid 4.9.1 Changelog

Features Added

  • Added new enum values to SystemEventNames related to health care APIs.

Files Data Lake 12.9.1 Changelog

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed possible ValueError for invalid content range that gets raised when downloading empty files through Azurite.

Files Shares 12.10.1 Changelog

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed possible ValueError for invalid content range that gets raised when downloading empty files through Azurite.

Identity 1.12.0 Changelog

Breaking Changes

  • Excluded VisualStudioCodeCredential from DefaultAzureCredential token chain by default as SDK authentication via Visual Studio Code is broken due to issue #23249. The VisualStudioCodeCredential will be re-enabled in the DefaultAzureCredential flow once a fix is in place. Issue #25713 tracks this. In the meantime Visual Studio Code users can authenticate their development environment using the Azure CLI.

Bugs Fixed

  • AzureCliCredential now works even when az prints warnings to stderr. (#26857) (thanks to @micromaomao for the contribution)
  • Fixed issue where user-supplied TokenCachePersistenceOptions weren’t propagated when using SharedTokenCacheCredential (#26982)

Load Testing 1.0.0b2 Changelog

Bug Fixed

  • delete_app_components method from azure.developer.loadtesting.LoadTestingClient.load_test_administration.delete_app_components was not discoverable in expected location, fixed discoverability.

Other Changes

  • Updated README

Machine Learning 1.1.0 Changelog

Features Added

  • Registry list operation now accepts scope value to allow subscription-only based requests.
  • Most configuration classes from the entity package now implement the standard mapping protocol.
  • Add registry delete operation.
  • The values of JobService.job_service_type are now using the snake case. e.g jupyter_lab, ssh, tensor_board, vs_code.
  • Command function now accepts services param of type Dict[str, JobService] instead of dict.

Bugs Fixed

  • MLClient.from_config can now find the default config.json on Compute Instance when running sample notebooks.
  • Registries now assign managed tags to match registry’s tags.
  • Adjust registry experimental tags and imports to avoid warning printouts for unrelated operations.
  • Make registry delete operation return an LROPoller, and change name to begin_delete.
  • Prevent registering an already existing environment that references conda file.

Breaking Changes

Monitor OpenTelemetry Exporter 1.0.0b9 Changelog

Breaking Changes

  • Rename local storage configuration, change default path (#26891)
  • Change default storage retention period to 48 hours (#26960)

Features Added

  • Add Sampler factory and entry point (#27236)
  • Add validation logic to ApplicationInsightsSampler (#26546)
  • Change default temporality of metrics to follow OTLP (#26924)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed sampleRate field in ApplicationInsightsSampler, changed attribute to _MS.sampleRate (#26771)

Monitor OpenTelemetry Exporter 1.0.0b10 Changelog

Bugs Fixed

  • Fix missing local storage attribute (#27405)
  • Fix offline storage rename (#27414)

Personalizer 1.0.0b1 Changelog

Features Added

  • New namespace/package name:
  • The namespace/package name for the Personalizer client library has changed from azure.cognitiveservices.personalizer to
  • Asynchronous APIs added under namespace
  • Authentication with AAD supported
  • Authentication with API key supported using AzureKeyCredential("<api_key>") from azure.core.credentials
  • New underlying REST pipeline implementation based on the azure-core library
  • New error hierarchy:
  • All service errors will now use the base type: azure.core.exceptions.HttpResponseError

Breaking Changes

  • Version (1.0.0b1) is the first preview of our efforts to create a user-friendly and Pythonic client library for Azure Personalizer.
  • This library replaces the package found here:

For more information about this, and preview releases of other Azure SDK libraries, please visit

Resource Management - Devcenter 1.0.0b3 Changelog

Resource Management - Advisor 10.0.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Attestation 2.0.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Azure VMware Solution 7.1.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Bare Metal Infrastructure 1.1.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Billing 6.1.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Cognitive Services 13.3.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Confluent 2.0.0b2 Changelog

Resource Management - Container Service 20.5.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Container Service 20.6.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Container Service 20.7.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Content Delivery Network 12.1.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Cosmos DB 9.0.0b2 Changelog

Resource Management - Cost Management 4.0.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Custom Providers 1.1.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Data Factory 2.8.1 Changelog

Resource Management - Data Factory 2.9.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Data Share 1.1.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Datadog 2.1.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Deployment Manager 2.0.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Desktop Virtualization 1.0.0b2 Changelog

Resource Management - Dev Spaces 1.0.0b2 Changelog

Resource Management - DevTest Labs 10.0.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Elastic 1.1.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Guest Config 1.0.0b2 Changelog

Resource Management - HANA on Azure 1.1.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Health Bot 1.0.0b2 Changelog

Resource Management - Hybrid Kubernetes 1.2.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Logic Apps 10.1.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Logz 1.1.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Machine Learning Compute 1.0.0b2 Changelog

Resource Management - Managed Services 7.0.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Management Groups 1.1.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Management Partner 1.1.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Maps 2.1.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Marketplace Ordering 1.2.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Mixed Reality 1.1.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - NetApp 9.0.1 Changelog

Resource Management - Network 22.1.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Nginx 2.0.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Operations Management 2.0.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Peering 2.0.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Portal 1.1.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Power BI Dedicated 1.1.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Private DNS 1.1.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Purview 1.1.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Quantum 1.0.0b3 Changelog

Resource Management - Quota 1.1.0b3 Changelog

Resource Management - Rdbms 10.2.0b4 Changelog

Resource Management - Recovery Services Backup 5.1.0b2 Changelog

Resource Management - Redis 14.1.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Relay 2.0.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Resource Mover 1.1.0b3 Changelog

Resource Management - Resources 21.2.1 Changelog

Resource Management - SQL 4.0.0b5 Changelog

Resource Management - Search 9.0.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Serial Console 1.1.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Service Fabric 2.1.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Storage Import Export 1.0.0b2 Changelog

Resource Management - Storage Pool 1.1.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Storage Sync 2.0.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Support 6.1.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Test Base 1.0.0b2 Changelog

Resource Management - Time Series Insights 2.0.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - VM Ware Cloud Simple 1.0.0b2 Changelog

Resource Management - Web PubSub 1.1.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Work Load Monitor 1.0.0b3 Changelog

Text Analytics 5.2.1 Changelog

Bugs Fixed

  • Returns a more helpful message in the document error when all documents fail for an action in the begin_analyze_actions API.

azure-mgmt-elasticsan 1.0.0b1 Changelog

Latest Releases

View all the latest versions of Python packages here.

Installation Instructions

To install the latest beta version of the packages, copy and paste the following commands into a terminal:

$> pip install azure-ai-language-conversations==1.1.0b3
$> pip install azure-ai-ml==1.1.0
$> pip install azure-ai-personalizer==1.0.0b1
$> pip install azure-ai-textanalytics==5.2.1
$> pip install azure-communication-identity==1.3.1
$> pip install azure-core==1.26.1
$> pip install azure-developer-devcenter==1.0.0b1
$> pip install azure-developer-loadtesting==1.0.0b2
$> pip install azure-eventgrid==4.9.1
$> pip install azure-identity==1.12.0
$> pip install azure-mgmt-advisor==10.0.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-attestation==2.0.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-avs==7.1.0
$> pip install azure-mgmt-baremetalinfrastructure==1.1.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-billing==6.1.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-cdn==12.1.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-cognitiveservices==13.3.0
$> pip install azure-mgmt-confluent==2.0.0b2
$> pip install azure-mgmt-containerservice==20.5.0
$> pip install azure-mgmt-containerservice==20.6.0
$> pip install azure-mgmt-containerservice==20.7.0
$> pip install azure-mgmt-cosmosdb==9.0.0b2
$> pip install azure-mgmt-costmanagement==4.0.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-customproviders==1.1.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-datadog==2.1.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-datafactory==2.8.1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-datafactory==2.9.0
$> pip install azure-mgmt-datashare==1.1.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-deploymentmanager==2.0.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-desktopvirtualization==1.0.0b2
$> pip install azure-mgmt-devcenter==1.0.0b3
$> pip install azure-mgmt-devspaces==1.0.0b2
$> pip install azure-mgmt-devtestlabs==10.0.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-elastic==1.1.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-elasticsan==1.0.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-guestconfig==1.0.0b2
$> pip install azure-mgmt-hanaonazure==1.1.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-healthbot==1.0.0b2
$> pip install azure-mgmt-hybridkubernetes==1.2.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-logic==10.1.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-logz==1.1.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-machinelearningcompute==1.0.0b2
$> pip install azure-mgmt-managedservices==7.0.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-managementgroups==1.1.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-managementpartner==1.1.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-maps==2.1.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-marketplaceordering==1.2.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-mixedreality==1.1.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-netapp==9.0.1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-network==22.1.0
$> pip install azure-mgmt-nginx==2.0.0
$> pip install azure-mgmt-operationsmanagement==2.0.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-peering==2.0.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-portal==1.1.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-powerbidedicated==1.1.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-privatedns==1.1.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-purview==1.1.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-quantum==1.0.0b3
$> pip install azure-mgmt-quota==1.1.0b3
$> pip install azure-mgmt-rdbms==10.2.0b4
$> pip install azure-mgmt-recoveryservicesbackup==5.1.0b2
$> pip install azure-mgmt-redis==14.1.0
$> pip install azure-mgmt-relay==2.0.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-resource==21.2.1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-resourcemover==1.1.0b3
$> pip install azure-mgmt-search==9.0.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-serialconsole==1.1.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-servicefabric==2.1.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-sql==4.0.0b5
$> pip install azure-mgmt-storageimportexport==1.0.0b2
$> pip install azure-mgmt-storagepool==1.1.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-storagesync==2.0.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-support==6.1.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-testbase==1.0.0b2
$> pip install azure-mgmt-timeseriesinsights==2.0.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-vmwarecloudsimple==1.0.0b2
$> pip install azure-mgmt-webpubsub==1.1.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-workloadmonitor==1.0.0b3
$> pip install azure-monitor-opentelemetry-exporter==1.0.0b9
$> pip install azure-monitor-opentelemetry-exporter==1.0.0b10
$> pip install azure-search-documents==11.4.0b2
$> pip install azure-storage-blob==12.14.1
$> pip install azure-storage-file-datalake==12.9.1
$> pip install azure-storage-file-share==12.10.1


If you have a bug or feature request for one of the libraries, please post an issue to GitHub.