The Azure SDK team is pleased to announce our October 2021 client library releases.

28 packages released this month.

Stable Packages (15)

  • Communication Chat

  • Core

  • Event Grid

  • Monitor Query

  • Resource Management - Authorization

  • Resource Management - Container Instances

  • Resource Management - Container Service

  • Resource Management - Event Hubs

  • Resource Management - Kusto

  • Resource Management - NetApp

  • Resource Management - Service Bus

  • Resource Management - Storage

  • Storage - Blobs

  • Storage - Files Data Lake

  • Storage - Files Shares

Patch Updates (2)

  • Event Hubs

  • Service Bus

Beta Packages (11)

  • Cognitive Search

  • Form Recognizer

  • Key Vault - Keys

  • Monitor OpenTelemetry Exporter

  • Question Answering

  • Resource Management - Cosmos DB

  • Schema Registry

  • Schema Registry - Avro

  • Service Bus

  • Synapse - Artifacts

  • Synapse - Spark

Release highlights

Cognitive Search 11.3.0b4 Changelog

Features Added

  • Added properties to SearchClient: query_answer, query_answer_count, query_caption, query_caption_highlight and semantic_fields.

Breaking Changes

  • Renamed SearchClient.speller to SearchClient.query_speller.
  • Renamed model Speller to QuerySpellerType.
  • Renamed model Answers to QueryAnswerType.
  • Removed keyword arguments from SearchClient: answers and captions.
  • SentimentSkill, EntityRecognitionSkill: added client-side validation to prevent sending unsupported parameters.
  • Renamed property ignore_reset_requirements to skip_indexer_reset_requirement_for_cache.

Communication Chat 1.1.0 Changelog

  • Updated azure-communication-chat version.

Core 1.19.0 Changelog

Breaking Changes in the Provisional package

  • and are now abstract base classes. They should not be initialized directly, instead your transport responses should inherit from them and implement them.
  • The properties of the responses are now all read-only

  • HttpLoggingPolicy integrates logs into one record #19925

Event Grid 4.6.0 Changelog

Features Added

  • Added new enum values to SystemEvents.

Event Hubs 5.6.1 Changelog

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug for checking that azure.eventhub.amqp.AmqpMessageHeader and azure.eventhub.amqp.AmqpMessageProperties contain specific properties using the in keyword.

Form Recognizer 3.2.0b1 Changelog

Features Added

  • Added new DocumentAnalysisClient with begin_analyze_document and begin_analyze_document_from_url methods. Use these methods with the latest Form Recognizer API version to analyze documents, with prebuilt and custom models.
  • Added new models to use with the new DocumentAnalysisClient: AnalyzeResult, AnalyzedDocument, BoundingRegion, DocumentElement, DocumentEntity, DocumentField, DocumentKeyValuePair, DocumentKeyValueElement, DocumentLine, DocumentPage, DocumentSelectionMark, DocumentSpan, DocumentStyle, DocumentTable, DocumentTableCell, DocumentWord.
  • Added new DocumentModelAdministrationClient with methods: begin_build_model, begin_create_composed_model, begin_copy_model, get_copy_authorization, get_model, delete_model, list_models, get_operation, list_operations, get_account_info, get_document_analysis_client.
  • Added new models to use with the new DocumentModelAdministrationClient: DocumentModel, DocumentModelInfo, DocTypeInfo, ModelOperation, ModelOperationInfo, AccountInfo, DocumentAnalysisError, DocumentAnalysisInnerError.
  • Added samples using the DocumentAnalysisClient and DocumentModelAdministrationClient under /samples/v3.2-beta.
  • Added DocumentAnalysisApiVersion to be used with DocumentAnalysisClient and DocumentModelAdministrationClient.

Key Vault - Keys 4.5.0b4 Changelog

Features Added

  • Added KeyClient.get_cryptography_client, which provides a simple way to create a CryptographyClient for a key, given its name and optionally a version (#20621)
  • Added support for automated and on-demand key rotation in Azure Key Vault (#19840)
  • Added KeyClient.rotate_key to rotate a key on-demand
  • Added KeyClient.update_key_rotation_policy to update a key’s automated rotation policy

Monitor OpenTelemetry Exporter 1.0.0b5 Changelog

Features Added

  • Support stamp specific redirect in exporters (#20489)

Breaking Changes

  • Change exporter OT to AI mapping fields following common schema (#20445)

Monitor Query 1.0.0 Changelog

Features Added

  • Added LogsQueryPartialResult and LogsQueryError to handle errors.
  • Added status attribute to LogsQueryResult.
  • Added LogsQueryStatus Enum to describe the status of a result.
  • Added a new LogsTableRow type that represents a single row in a table.
  • Items in metrics list in MetricsQueryResult can now be accessed by metric names.

Breaking Changes

  • LogsQueryResult now iterates over the tables directly as a convinience.
  • query API in logs is renamed to query_workspace
  • query API in metrics is renamed to query_resource
  • query_workspace API now returns a union of LogsQueryPartialResult and LogsQueryResult.
  • query_batch API now returns a union of LogsQueryPartialResult, LogsQueryError and LogsQueryResult.
  • metric_namespace is renamed to namespace and is a keyword-only argument in list_metric_definitions API.
  • MetricsResult is renamed to MetricsQueryResult.

Question Answering 1.0.0b2 Changelog

Features Added

  • The method QuestionAnsweringClient.query_text now supports a list of records as strings, where the ID value will be automatically populated.
  • Added keyword argument default_language onto QuestionAnsweringClient, which has default value 'en'. The default language for any operation call will be this default language value.

Breaking changes

  • The method QuestionAnsweringClient.query_knowledgebase has been renamed to query_knowledge_base.
  • Options bag model KnowledgeBaseQueryOptions for query_knowledge_base is renamed to QueryKnowledgeBaseOptions
  • Options bag model TextQueryOptions for query_text is renamed to QueryTextOptions
  • The filters model StrictFilters is renamed to QueryFilters
  • Enum CompoundOperationKind is renamed to LogicalOperationKind
  • We have removed the string_index_type input to all models and operations. We have also removed the StringIndexType enum.
  • The type of input metadata to MetadataFilter has changed from a dictionary of strings to a list of key-value tuples. For example, the input has changed from {"key": "value"} to [("key", "value")].
  • The input to the query_knowledge_base and query_text overloads that take in a positional model for the body should be considered positional only.

Resource Management - Authorization 2.0.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Container Instances 9.0.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Container Service 16.2.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Cosmos DB 7.0.0b1 Changelog

Resource Management - Event Hubs 9.1.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Kusto 2.1.0 Changelog

Resource Management - NetApp 5.1.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Service Bus 7.1.0 Changelog

Resource Management - Storage 19.0.0 Changelog

Schema Registry 1.0.0b3 Changelog

Breaking Changes

  • get_schema_id method on sync and async SchemaRegistryClient has been renamed get_schema_properties.
  • schema_id parameter in get_schema method on sync and async SchemaRegistryClient has been renamed id.
  • register_schema and get_schema_properties methods on sync and async SchemaRegistryClient now take in the following parameters in the given order:
  • group_name, which has been renamed from schema_group
  • name, which has been renamed from schema_name
  • schema_definition, which has been renamed from schema_content
  • format, which has been renamed from serialization_type
  • endpoint parameter in SchemaRegistryClient constructor has been renamed fully_qualified_namespace
  • location instance variable in SchemaProperties has been removed.
  • Schema and SchemaProperties no longer have positional parameters, as they will not be constructed by the user.

Schema Registry - Avro 1.0.0b3 Changelog

Breaking Changes

  • SchemaRegistryAvroSerializer has been renamed AvroSerializer.
  • schema_registry parameter in the AvroSerializer constructor has been renamed client.
  • schema_group parameter in the AvroSerializer constructor has been renamed group_name.
  • data parameter in the serialize and deserialize methods on AvroSerializer has been renamed value.
  • schema parameter in the serialize method on AvroSerializer no longer accepts argument of type bytes.
  • AvroSerializer constructor no longer takes in the codec keyword argument.
  • The following positional arguments are now required keyword arguments:
  • client and group_name in AvroSerializer constructor
  • schema in serialize on AvroSerializer

Features Added

  • auto_register_schemas keyword argument has been added to AvroSerializer, which will allow for automatically registering schemas passed in to the serialize, when set to True, otherwise False by default.
  • value parameter in serialize on AvroSerializer takes type Mapping rather than Dict.
  • Depends on azure-schemaregistry==1.0.0b3.

Service Bus 7.3.4 Changelog

Other Changes

  • Updated uAMQP dependency to 1.4.3.
  • Added support for Python 3.10.
  • Fixed memory leak in win32 socketio and tlsio (issue #19777).
  • Fixed memory leak in the process of converting AMQPValue into string (issue #19777).

Service Bus 7.4.0b1 Changelog

Features Added

  • Added support to create and update queues and topics of large message size to ServiceBusAdministrationClient. This feature is only available for Service Bus of Premium Tier.
  • Methodscreate_queue, create_topic, update_queue, update_topic on ServiceBusAdministrationClient now take a new keyword argument max_message_size_in_kilobytes.
  • QueueProperties and TopicProperties now have a new instance variable max_message_size_in_kilobytes.

Storage - Blobs 12.9.0 Changelog

Stable release of preview features

  • Added support for service version 2020-10-02 (STG78)
  • Added support for object level immutability policy with versioning (Version Level WORM).
  • Added support for listing deleted root blobs that have versions.
  • Added OAuth support for sync copy blob source.

Storage - Files Data Lake 12.5.0 Changelog

Stable release of preview features

  • Added support for service version 2020-10-02 (STG78)
  • Added support for quick query parquet

Storage - Files Shares 12.6.0 Changelog

Stable release of preview features

  • Added support for service version 2020-10-02 (STG78)
  • Added OAuth support for file copy source.

Synapse - Artifacts 0.9.0 Changelog

Features Added

  • re-generated based on tag package-artifacts-composite-v1

Synapse - Spark 0.7.0 Changelog

Features Added

  • Added LivyStatementStates and LivyStates

Latest Releases

View all the latest versions of Python packages here.

Installation Instructions

To install the latest beta version of the packages, copy and paste the following commands into a terminal:

$> pip install azure-ai-formrecognizer==3.2.0b1
$> pip install azure-ai-language-questionanswering==1.0.0b2
$> pip install azure-communication-chat==1.1.0
$> pip install azure-core==1.19.0
$> pip install azure-eventgrid==4.6.0
$> pip install azure-eventhub==5.6.1
$> pip install azure-keyvault-keys==4.5.0b4
$> pip install azure-mgmt-authorization==2.0.0
$> pip install azure-mgmt-containerinstance==9.0.0
$> pip install azure-mgmt-containerservice==16.2.0
$> pip install azure-mgmt-cosmosdb==7.0.0b1
$> pip install azure-mgmt-eventhub==9.1.0
$> pip install azure-mgmt-kusto==2.1.0
$> pip install azure-mgmt-netapp==5.1.0
$> pip install azure-mgmt-servicebus==7.1.0
$> pip install azure-mgmt-storage==19.0.0
$> pip install azure-monitor-opentelemetry-exporter==1.0.0b5
$> pip install azure-monitor-query==1.0.0
$> pip install azure-schemaregistry==1.0.0b3
$> pip install azure-schemaregistry-avroserializer==1.0.0b3
$> pip install azure-search-documents==11.3.0b4
$> pip install azure-servicebus==7.3.4
$> pip install azure-servicebus==7.4.0b1
$> pip install azure-storage-blob==12.9.0
$> pip install azure-storage-file-datalake==12.5.0
$> pip install azure-storage-file-share==12.6.0
$> pip install azure-synapse-artifacts==0.9.0
$> pip install azure-synapse-spark==0.7.0


If you have a bug or feature request for one of the libraries, please post an issue to GitHub.