The Azure SDK team is pleased to make available the March 2021 client library release.


  • Azure Core
  • Azure Identity

Installation Instructions

To install any of our packages, copy and paste the following commands into a terminal:

# From Source
git clone
# git checkout <tag_name>
# For example:
git checkout azure-core_1.0.0-beta.7


If you have a bug or feature request for one of the libraries, please post an issue to GitHub.

Release highlights

azure-core Changelog

New Features

  • Added HttpPolicyOrder for adding custom Http policies to SDK clients.
  • Added Azure::Core::Operation<T>::GetRawResponse().
  • Added Azure::Core::PackageVersion.
  • Added support for logging to console when AZURE_LOG_LEVEL environment variable is set.

Breaking Changes

  • Changes to Azure::Core namespace:
    • Removed Response<void>, ValueBase, and ContextValue.
    • Removed Context::operator[], Get() introduced instead.
    • Renamed Uuid::GetUuidString() to ToString().
    • Changed return type of Operation<T>::Poll() from std::unique_ptr<RawResponse> to RawResponse const&.
    • Moved GetApplicationContext() to Context::GetApplicationContext()
    • Moved the Base64Encode() and Base64Decode() functions to be static members of a Convert class.
    • Moved Logging namespace entities to Diagnostics::Logger class.
    • Moved AccessToken, TokenCredential, and AuthenticationException to Credentials namespace.
    • Moved Context to be the last parameter for consistency, instead of first in various azure-core types. For example:
      • BodyStream::Read(uint8_t* buffer, int64_t count, Context const& context)
      • BodyStream::ReadToEnd(BodyStream& body, Context const& context)
      • HttpPolicy::Send(Request& request, NextHttpPolicy policy, Context const& context)
      • Operation<T>::PollUntilDone(std::chrono::milliseconds period, Context& context)
      • TokenCredential::GetToken(Http::TokenRequestOptions const& tokenRequestOptions, Context const& context)
    • Moved from Azure::Core to Azure namespace:
      • Response<T>, ETag, and Nullable<T>.
      • Split RequestConditions into MatchConditions and ModifiedConditions.
      • Renamed DateTime::GetString() to ToString(), and removed DateTime::GetRfc3339String().
  • Changes to Azure::Core::Http namespace:
    • Removed HttpPipeline, TransportKind, NullBodyStream, and LimitBodyStream.
    • Removed Request::StartTry().
    • Removed InvalidHeaderException and throw std::invalid_argument if the user provides invalid header arguments.
    • Renamed CurlTransportSSLOptions::NoRevoke to EnableCertificateRevocationListCheck.
    • Renamed Range to HttpRange.
    • Renamed TokenRequestOptions to TokenRequestContext, and moved it to Azure::Core::Credentials namespace.
    • Moved Url to Azure::Core namespace.
    • Request and RawResponse:
      • Renamed AddHeader() to SetHeader().
      • Introduced Azure::Core::CaseInsensitiveMap which is now used to store headers.
    • BodyStream and the types that derive from it:
      • Moved to Azure::Core::IO namespace.
      • Changed the static methods BodyStream::ReadToCount() and BodyStream::ReadToEnd() into instance methods.
      • Changed the constructor of FileBodyStream to accept a file name directly and take ownership of opening/closing the file, instead of accepting a file descriptor, offset, and length.
    • HTTP policies and their options:
      • Moved to Policies namespace.
      • Renamed TransportPolicyOptions to TransportOptions.
      • Renamed TelemetryPolicyOptions to TelemetryOptions.
      • Changed type of RetryOptions::StatusCodes from std::vector to std::set.
      • Renamed LoggingPolicy to LogPolicy, and introduced LogOptions as mandatory parameter for the constructor.
  • Moved header files:
    • Renamed azure/core/credentials.hpp to azure/core/credentials/credentials.hpp.
    • Renamed azure/core/logger.hpp to azure/core/diagnostics/logger.hpp.
    • Renamed azure/core/http/body_stream.hpp to azure/core/io/body_stream.hpp.
    • Renamed azure/core/http/policy.hpp to azure/core/http/policies/policy.hpp.
    • Renamed azure/core/http/curl/curl.hpp to azure/core/http/curl_transport.hpp.
    • Renamed azure/core/http/winhttp/win_http_client.hpp to azure/core/http/win_http_transport.hpp.

Bug Fixes

  • Make sure to rewind the body stream at the start of each request retry attempt, including the first.
  • Connection pool resets when all connections are closed.
  • Fix Azure::Context to support std::unique_ptr.
  • Throw std::runtime_error from Response<T>::GetRawResponse() if the response was already extracted.

azure-identity Changelog

New Features

  • Added Azure::Identity::PackageVersion.

Breaking Changes

  • Removed TransportPolicyOptions from ClientSecretCredentialOptions. Updated the options to derive from ClientOptions.

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