The Azure SDK team is pleased to make available the November 2020 client library release.


  • Storage


  • Add packages


  • Communication Administration
  • Communication Chat
  • Communication SMS
  • Service Bus
  • Search
  • Management Library - Communication
  • Metrics Advisor
  • Eventgrid
  • Form Recognizer
  • Text Analytics

Installation Instructions

To install the latest beta version of the packages, copy and paste the following commands into a terminal:

pip install azure-communication-administration --pre
pip install azure-communication-chat --pre
pip install azure-communication-sms --pre
pip install azure-servicebus --pre
pip install azure-search-documents --pre
pip install azure-ai-metricsadvisor --pre
pip install azure-eventgrid --pre
pip install azure-storage-blob
pip install azure-storage-file-datalake
pip install azure-storage-file-share
pip install azure-storage-queue
pip install azure-ai-formrecognizer --pre
pip install azure-mgmt-communication --pre
pip install azure-ai-textanalytics --pre


If you have a bug or feature request for one of the libraries, please post an issue to GitHub.

Release highlights

Communication Administration Changelog

New Features

  • Added long-running operation polling methods ReservePhoneNumberPolling, PurchaseReservationPolling, ReleasePhoneNumberPolling.

Breaking Changes

PhoneNumberSearch renamed to PhoneNumberReservation.
  • search_id has been renamed to reservation_id.
  • get_search_by_id has been renamed to get_reservation_by_id.
  • create_search has been renamed to begin_reserve_phone_numbers.
  • begin_reserve_phone_numbers now takes either options, or continuation_token keywords as input.
  • begin_reserve_phone_numbers now returns LROPoller[PhoneNumberReservation].
  • release_phone_numbers has been renamed to begin_release_phone_numbers.
  • begin_release_phone_numbers now takes either phone_numbers, or continuation_token keywords as input.
  • begin_release_phone_numbers now returns LROPoller[PhoneNumberRelease].
  • purchase_search has been renamed to begin_purchase_reservation.
  • begin_purchase_reservation now takes either reservation_id, or continuation_token keywords as input.
  • begin_purchase_reservation now returns LROPoller[PurchaseReservationPolling].
  • cancel_search has been renamed to cancel_reservation.

Communication Chat Changelog

This release contains minor bug fixes and improvements.

Communication SMS Changelog

This release contains minor bug fixes and improvements.

Management Library - Communication Changelog

This release contains minor bug fixes and improvements.

Service Bus Changelog

New Features

  • Addition of timeout paramter to sending, lock renewel, and settlement functions.
  • Addition of auto_lock_renewer parameter when getting a receiver to opt-into auto-registration of lock renewal for messages on receipt (or, if a session receiver, the session on open).

Breaking changes

  • Significant renames across parameter, entity, and exception types such as utilizing a ServiceBus prefix, e.g. ServiceBusMessage.
  • Refactors all service-impacting operations from the ServiceBusMessage object onto the ServiceBusReceiver object itself, e.g. lock renewal and settlement.
  • get_*_session_receiver functions have been incorporated into their get_*_receiver counterparts, activated by passing a session_id parameter.
  • Continued Exception behavior cleanup, normalization, and documentation, as well as naming polish in line with the broad name prefix alignment.

Metrics Advisor Changelog

Breaking Changes

  • Significant renames across parameters and methods. Please go to the Changelog for detail information.

Azure Storage Blob Changelog

New Features

  • GA the following preview features: ArrowDialect as output format of query_blob, undelete_container on BlobServiceClient, and Last Access Time.

Key Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the expired Authorization token problem during retry.
  • Catch exceptions thrown by async download.

Azure Storage File Share Changelog

New Features

  • GA support for enabling SMB Multichannel for the share service and get_ranges on ShareFileClient.
  • Added set_share_properties which allows setting share tier.

Azure Storage File DataLake Changelog

New Features

  • GA support for set/update/remove access control recursively, set_file_expiry on DataLakeFileClient. and feature generating directory level SAS.

Key Bug Fixes

  • Fixed session closure of filesystem.

Azure Storage Queue Changelog

New Features

  • Added receive_message on QueueClient to support receiving one message from queue.

Form Recognizer Changelog

This version of the SDK defaults to the latest supported API version, which currently is v2.1-preview.

New Features

  • Support for two new prebuilt recognition models for invoices and business cards through the begin_recognize_invoices() and begin_recognize_business_cards() methods (as well as their from_url counterparts) of FormRecognizerClient.
  • Support for selection marks as a new fundamental form element. This type is supported in content recognition and in training/recognizing custom forms (labeled only).
  • Support for creating composed models from a collection of existing models (trained with labels) through the begin_create_composed_model() method of FormTrainingClient.
  • A model_name keyword argument added for model training (both begin_training() and begin_create_composed_model()) that can specify a human-readable name for a model.
  • Support for the bitmap image format (with content type “image/bmp”) in prebuilt model recognition and content recognition.
  • A locale keyword argument added for all prebuilt model methods, allowing for the specification of a document’s origin to assist the service with correct analysis of the document’s content.
  • A language keyword argument added for the content recognition method begin_recognize_content() that specifies which language to process the document in.
  • A pages keyword argument added for the content recognition method begin_recognize_content() that specifies which pages in a multi-page document should be analyzed.
  • Additional properties added to response models - see Changelog for detailed information.

Text Analytics Changelog

New Features

  • Support for the service’s long-running batch analysis Analyze API.
  • Support for the service’s Health API. Since this is a gated preview, you will need to have your subscription put on an allow list to use.

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