The Azure SDK team is pleased to make available the October 2020 client library release.

Beta releases

  • Azure Identity.
  • Azure Metrics Advisor.
  • Azure Tables.
  • Azure Service Bus.
  • Azure Search.
  • Azure Storage File Share.
  • Azure Storage Data Lake.
  • Azure Storage Blob.

Installation Instructions

To install the packages, copy and paste the below into a terminal.

$> npm install @azure/identity@next
$> npm install @azure/ai-metrics-advisor@next
$> npm install @azure/data-tables@next
$> npm install @azure/service-bus@next
$> npm install @azure/search@next
$> npm install @azure/storage-blob-changefeed@next
$> npm install @azure/storage-queue@next
$> npm install @azure/storage-file-share@next
$> npm install @azure/storage-datalake@next
$> npm install @azure/storage-blob@next


If you have a bug or feature request for one of the libraries, please post an issue at the azure-sdk-for-js repository

Azure Identity

@azure/identity Changelog

Our authentication library is being released with some minor changes and fixes to the existing authentication methods.

New Features on @azure/identity@1.2.0-beta.2
  • DefaultAzureCredential now by default shows the Device Code message on the console. This can still be overwritten with a custom behavior by specifying a function as the third parameter, userPromptCallback.
  • Added Active Directory Federation Services authority host support to the node credentials.
Major Fixes on @azure/identity@1.2.0-beta.2
  • Added support for multiple clouds on VisualStudioCodeCredential.

Azure Metrics Advisor

@azure/ai-metrics-advisor Changelog

We’re happy to announce an initial preview of a client library that supports the newly announced preview of the Azure Metrics Advisor service. This library has been designed based on the Azure SDK Design Guidelines for TypeScript to ensure consistency, idiomatic design, and excellent developer experience and productivity.

Features on @azure/ai-metrics-advisor@1.0.0-beta.1
  • It supports all services APIs, including but not limited to:
    • The management of data feeds.
    • Configuring anomaly detection and alerting configurations.
    • Querying anomaly detection results, for example, incidents, anomalies, alerts, enriched series data, etc.
    • Diagnosing incident root causes.

Azure Service Bus

@azure/service-bus@7.0.0-preview.7 Changelog

We’re releasing a new preview of our Azure Service Bus library. This includes updates to the message locks and the support of browser authentication through AAD credentials.

New Features on @azure/service-bus@7.0.0-preview.7
  • Message locks can be auto-renewed in all receive methods (receiver.receiveMessages, receiver.subcribe and receiver.getMessageIterator). This can be configured in options when calling ServiceBusClient.createReceiver().
  • ServiceBusClient now supports authentication with AAD credentials in the browser (you can use InteractiveBrowserCredential from @azure/identity).

Azure Tables

@azure/data-tables Changelog

We’re releasing a new preview of our Azure Tables library. This update adds support for batch operations.

New Features on @azure/data-tables@1.0.0-beta.2
  • Implemented support for batch operations. This allows sending multiple create, delete and update operations in a single atomic transaction.

@azure/search Changelog

We’re releasing a new preview of our Azure Search library. This update adds support for batch operations.

New Features on @azure/search@11.1.0-beta.1
  • Azure Search SDK now supports batching. The document actions (upload, merge, mergeupload, delete) could be done in batch format with autoFlush set to true or false.
  • Azure Search SDK has been regenerated using the latest swaggers. This enables new properties for IndexParameters.

Azure Storage

Updated Azure Storage Service API version to 2020-02-10.

@azure/storage-blob Changelog

New Features on @azure/storage-blob@12.3.0-beta.1
  • Added support for Container Soft Delete. Added a new API BlobServiceClient.undeleteContainer() to restore a previously deleted blob container.

@azure/storage-file-datalake Changelog

New Features on @azure/storage-file-datalake@12.2.0-beta.1
  • Added support for directory SAS and delegation SAS v2. Now supports generate SAS on directory level. Also added support for saoid, suoid and scid for delegation SAS. See the user delegation SAS document for more details.
  • Added support for File Set Expiry. Now can call DataLakeFileClient.setExpiry() to schedule the deletion of a file.
  • Added DataLakePathClient.setAccessControlRecursive() to support setting access control recursively.

storage-file-share Changelog

New Features on @azure/storage-file-share@12.3.0-beta.1
  • Added support for Share and Share Snapshot Leases. Now can initialize a ShareLeaseClient with a ShareClient to manage leases for a share or share snapshot. Most operations on share now also support lease conditions.
  • Added support for Get File Range Diff. Added ShareFileClient.getRangeListDiff() for getting the list of ranges that differ between a previous share snapshot and the file.
  • Added support for Set Share Tier. Added ShareClient.setAccessTier() for setting the access tier of the share.

Latest Releases

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