The Azure SDK team is pleased to make available the September 2020 client library release.


  • Azure Form Recognizer


  • Core Libraries
  • Azure Storage
  • Azure Event Hubs


  • Identity
  • Azure Event Grid
  • Azure Key Vault
  • Azure Service Bus
  • Azure Tables
  • Azure Text Analytics
  • Azure Storage Blob Changefeed

Installation Instructions

To install the packages, copy and paste the below into a terminal.

npm install @azure/ai-form-recognizer
npm install @azure/storage-queue
npm install @azure/storage-file-share
npm install @azure/storage-file-datalake
npm install @azure/storage-blob
npm install @azure/event-hubs
npm install @azure/identity@next
npm install @azure/eventgrid@next
npm install @azure/keyvault-keys@next
npm install @azure/keyvault-secrets@next
npm install @azure/keyvault-certificates@next
npm install @azure/keyvault-admin@next
npm install @azure/service-bus@next
npm install @azure/data-tables@next
npm install @azure/ai-text-analytics@next
npm install @azure/storage-blob-changefeed@next


If you have a bug or feature request for one of the libraries, please post an issue at the azure-sdk-for-js repository

Azure Form Recognizer (Changelog)

We are pleased to announce the general availability (GA) of the @azure/ai-form-recognizer package version 3.0.0.


  • Train and utilize custom and/or predefined AI models to extract information from text document images.
  • Uses the Azure Form Recognizer v2.0 (GA) endpoint for the latest service features.

Azure Storage

Major Fixes

  • Reverted the workaround for axios where the Content-Length header is removed before the request is passed to underlying http client. The workaround leads to HMAC signature miss-match for users using http clients like the default node http client which do not set the header themselves.

New Features in Azure Storage Blob (Changelog)

  • Supported Tags Conditional Operations. Now you can specify conditions against the tags on a blob resource for several read and write operations.
  • The Static Website Service now supports a DefaultIndexDocumentPath for a global HTTP 200 route within the static website. You can get it by BlobServiceClient.getProperties() and set it via blobServiceClient.setProperties().
  • High level upload functions BlockBlobClient.uploadFile(), BlockBlobClient.uploadStream() and BlockBlobClient.uploadBrowserData() now support setting tier like Hot, Cool or Archive via the tier option.

New Features in Azure Data Lake Storage (Changelog)

  • Supported Query Blob Contents. Added a new API DataLakeFileClient.query(). This API applies a simple Structured Query Language (SQL) statement on a blob’s contents and returns only the queried subset of the data. You can also call Query Blob Contents to query the contents of a version or snapshot. Learn more at Query Blob Content REST API

New Features in Azure Storage File Share (Changelog)

  • Supported share soft delete. Added undeleteShare to ShareServiceClient. listShares now can return deleted shares. Note: share soft delete only take effect on accounts with share soft delete feature enabled.

New Features in Azure Storage Blob Change Feed (Changelog)

  • Added new constructor overloads for the BlobChangeFeedClient to support initializing with storage account credentials.

Azure Event Hubs (Changelog)

New Features

  • Added loadBalancingOptions to the EventHubConsumerClient to add control around how aggressively the client claims partitions while load balancing.
  • Support a new key-value pair in the connection string for the Shared Access Signature. The key to use is SharedAccessSignature.

Azure Event Grid (Changelog)

We’re releasing a new preview for the Azure Event Grid client, with some API improvements. This release is a preview of our efforts to create a client library that is user friendly and idiomatic to the JavaScript ecosystem. The reasons for most of the changes in this update can be found in the Azure SDK Design Guidelines for TypeScript.

New Features

Azure Key Vault

We are introducing a new package @azure/keyvault-admin that provides support for:

  • role-based access control (RBAC) operations like assigning, deleting and retrieving role assignments, and retrieving role definitions.
  • backup/restore operations for whole Key Vault instances, and selective restores of keys.

For Key Vault Keys, Secrets and Certificates packages, we are releasing a beta for the next version that exports a function to parse the key/secret/certificate id and return the different components like the vault url, name and version of the key/secret/certificate.


Azure Service Bus (Changelog)

We’re releasing a new preview for the Azure Service Bus, with some API changes and new features.

Breaking Changes

  • API Changes:
    • SessionReceiver.sessionLockedUntilUtc is readonly and never undefined.
    • ServiceBusClient.createDeadLetterReceiver() has been absorbed into createReceiver(). To create a dead letter receiver:

      // this same method will work with subscriptions as well.
      serviceBusClient.createReceiver(<queue>, {
        subQueue: "deadLetter"
  • Renames:
    • The ServiceBusManagementClient has been renamed to ServiceBusAdministrationClient. See Issue 11012 for more details.
    • Sender, Receivers, and the ReceivedMessage interfaces are now prefixed with ServiceBus: ServiceBusSender, ServiceBusReceiver, ServiceBusSessionReceiver, ServiceBusReceivedMessage and ServiceBusReceivedMessageWithLock.
    • Lock duration fields for receivers have been renamed to apply to message locks and session locks:
      • maxMessageAutoRenewLockDurationInMs to maxAutoRenewLockDurationInMs
      • autoRenewLockDurationInMs -> maxAutoRenewLockDurationInMs
    • SessionReceiver.{get,set}State has been renamed to SessionReceiver.{get,set}SessionState
    • Administration API:
      • Property defaultMessageTtl renamed to defaultMessageTimeToLive (Wherever applicable)
      • updatedAt renamed to modifiedAt
      • ServiceBusManagementClientOptions for ServiceBusManagementClient is replaced by PipelineOptions from @azure/core-http
      • AuthorizationRule.accessRights type has been changed to be a string union with the available rights.

New Features

  • Support a new key-value pair in the connection string for the Shared Access Signature. The key to use is SharedAccessSignature.
  • Added a new field amqpAnnotatedMessage to the received message which will hold the received message in its raw form, complete with all parts of the message as per the AMQP spec.
  • Added ServiceBusAdministrationClient.ruleExists()
  • Options to create a queue and topic now support enableExpress boolean property. enableExpress indicates whether Express Entities are enabled on a queue or topic. An express queue holds a message in memory temporarily before writing it to persistent storage.

Azure Tables (Changelog)

We’re releasing the first beta version of the new Azure Tables client, following our guidelines which ensures it is idiomatic, consistent, and diagnosable. It supports essential operations of the service, such as creating and deleting tables, as well as querying, creating, reading, updating and deleting entities.

Azure Text Analytics (Changelog)

New Features
  • We are now targeting the service’s v3.1-preview.2 API as the default instead of v3.0.
  • We have added support for opinion mining feature of Sentiment Analysis. To get this support, pass includeOpinionMining as True when calling the analyzeSentiment endpoint.
  • We have added the recognizePiiEntities API which returns entities containing personal information for a batch of documents and also returns the redacted text.
  • The length and offset properties are added to the SentenceSentiment, Entity, Match, PiiEntity and CategorizedEntity interfaces to represent the length of the sentence’s text and its offset from the start of the document. The unit of distance used is UTF-16 code points.
  • bingEntitySearchApiId property is now returned for entities returned by recognizeLinkedEntities API and is added to the LinkedEntity interface. This property is to be used in conjunction with the Bing Entity Search API to fetch additional relevant information about the returned entity.

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