The Azure SDK team is pleased to make available the June 2020 client library GA release.

This release includes the following:


  • Cosmos DB
  • Text Analytics


  • Text Analytics
  • Form Recognizer
  • Search
  • Service Bus

Installation Instructions

To install the latest preview version of the packages, copy and paste the following commands into a terminal:

pip install azure-cosmos
pip install --pre azure-ai-textanalytics
pip install azure-ai-formrecognizer
pip install --pre azure-search-documents
pip install --pre azure-servicebus


If you have a bug or feature request for one of the libraries, please post an issue to GitHub.


Cosmos DB Changelog

  • Stable release.
  • Added HttpLoggingPolicy to pipeline to enable passing in a custom logger for request and response headers.

Text Analytics Changelog (GA and latest release)

  • Stable release. Targets the service’s v3.0 API.

Text Analytics Changelog (Preview)

  • We are now targeting the service’s v3.0 API, instead of the v3.0-preview.1 API
  • Updated the models to correspond with service changes

Form Recognizer Changelog

Breaking changes

  • All asynchronous long running operation methods now return an instance of an AsyncLROPoller from azure-core
  • All asynchronous long running operation methods have been renamed with the begin_ prefix to indicate that they return a poller object
  • Method get_form_training_client() is removed from FormRecognizerClient and get_form_recognizer_client() is added to FormTrainingClient
  • Other method and property renaming detailed in changelog

New Features

  • Support to copy a custom model from one Form Recognizer resource to another
  • Authentication using azure-identity credentials now supported
  • All long running operation methods now accept the keyword argument continuation_token to restart the poller from a saved state

Search Changelog

Breaking changes

  • Reorganized SearchServiceClient into SearchIndexClient & SearchIndexerClient
  • Split searchindex.json and searchservice.json models and operations into separate namespaces
  • Renamed edm to SearchFieldDataType
  • Now Search Synonym Map creation/update returns a model
  • Renaming:

    SearchIndexerDataSource -> SearchIndexerDataSourceConnection

    SearchField.SynonymMaps -> SearchField.SynonymMapNames

    SearchField.Analyzer -> SearchField.AnalyzerName

    SearchField.IndexAnalyzer -> SearchField.IndexAnalyzerName

    SearchField.SearchAnalyzer -> SearchField.SearchAnalyzerName

    SearchableField.SynonymMaps -> SearchableField.SynonymMapNames

    SearchableField.Analyzer -> SearchableField.AnalyzerName

    SearchableField.IndexAnalyzer -> SearchableField.IndexAnalyzerName

    SearchableField.SearchAnalyzer -> SearchableField.SearchAnalyzerName

    Similarity -> SimilarityAlgorithm

    Suggester -> SearchSuggester

    PathHierarchyTokenizerV2 -> PathHierarchyTokenizer

    DataSource -> DataSourceConnection

    AnalyzeRequest -> AnalyzeTextOptions

  • Autocomplete & suggest methods now takes arguments search_text & suggester_name rather than query objects
  • Create_or_updates methods does not support partial updates
  • Renamed Batch methods

    Service Bus Changelog

New Features

  • This release continues to move towards feature parity with the existing sdk. Recommend reading migration guide and full changelog for details.
  • Support for management of Queue entities; creation, deletion, and fetching of metadata.
  • Support for dead letter receivers against both Queues and Subscriptions.
  • Includes a version bump of the internal UAMQP package to support passing both reason and description when deadlettering a message.

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