The Azure SDK team is pleased to make available the June 2020 client library release.

  • General Availability release of Azure Cognitive Text Analytics
  • Updates for Core libraries
  • Update for Azure Event Hubs
  • New preview of Azure Identity
  • New preview of Azure Cognitive Search
  • New preview of Azure Cognitive Form Recognizer
  • New preview of Azure Service Bus

Installation Instructions

To install the packages, copy and paste the below into a terminal.

$> npm install @azure/event-hubs
$> npm install @azure/identity
$> npm install @azure/search-documents
$> npm install @azure/ai-form-recognizer
$> npm install @azure/ai-text-analytics
$> npm install @azure/service-bus@next


If you have a bug or feature request for one of the libraries, please post an issue at the azure-sdk-for-js repository


Detailed changelogs are linked from the Quick Links below. Here are some of the highlights:

Text Analytics

This is the first GA release version of the Text Analytics library.

New Features

  • The library now uses the Text Analytics v3.0 (General Availability) service endpoint.
  • Added a text property to SentenceSentiment that contains the sentence text
  • Added warnings property to every document response object containing a list of TextAnalyticsWarning objects relevant to the corresponding document.

Breaking Changes from Last Preview

  • Renamed all result array types that extend JavaScript’s base Array class to end with the word Array instead of Collection (e.g. AnalyzeSentimentResultCollection is now AnalyzeSentimentResultArray)
  • Renamed score to confidenceScore in the Match, Entity, and DetectedLanguage types.
  • Removed the graphemeOffset and graphemeLength properties of the Match, Entity, and SentenceSentiment types.
  • Renamed the graphemeCount property of TextDocumentStatistics back to characterCount
  • Removed the warnings property of SentenceSentiment.

Event Hubs

Key Bug Fixes

  • Improved the reliability of connections and connection recovery.


New Features

  • Make all developer credentials public as well as the list used by DefaultAzureCredential PR #9274

Breaking Changes

  • Switch to using CredentialUnavailable to differentiate from expected and unexpected errors during DefaultAzureCredential startup. PR #8172. Note: this changes the original behavior for ManagedIdentityCredential, which previously would return null instead of throwing an exception.

New Features

  • Added separate methods for getting just names such as listIndexesNames, listSynonymMapsNames, etc.
  • Added getSearchClient method to the SearchIndexClient class.

Breaking Changes from Last Preview

  • Results of ListIndexes operation can now be listed by pages.
  • Added onlyIfUnchanged parameter for CreateOrUpdate and Delete operations.
  • Removed $select property for the List operations.
  • Refactored SearchServiceClient and split it to SearchIndexClient and SearchIndexerClient and changed SearchIndexClient class to SearchClient class.
  • All required parameters are moved out of options bag.
  • Renamed countDocuments method to getDocumentsCount method.
  • In search method, moved the searchText parameter from the options bag to method parameter.
  • In indexDocuments method, the options parameter is renamed to IndexDocumentsOptions.
  • Modified deleteDocuments method to get documents as a parameter.
  • In getIndexStatistics method, renamed the return type from GetIndexStatisticsResult to SearchIndexStatistics.
  • In getServiceStatistics method, renamed the return type from ServiceStatistics to SearchServiceStatistics.
  • Modified DataSource model name to DataSourceConnection. Changed all references in the method names, parameters, etc.
  • Renamed SimpleDataType model to SearchFieldDataType model.
  • Modified the names of several models & parameters. Please refer #8984, #9037 and #8383 for a detailed list of renames.

Form Recognizer

New Features

  • Add support to copy custom model from one Form Recognizer resource to another.
  • Add support for Azure Active Directory credential.

Breaking Changes from Last Preview

  • Recognition and training methods now return results directly, instead of wrapping the result in a response object.
  • Rename refactoring for many public APIs for cross-language consistency.
  • Remove USReceipt and related types.

Service Bus

New Features

  • Added management API features under ServiceBusManagementClient that lets you manage a namespace with CRUD operations on the entities(queues, topics, and subscriptions) and on the rules of a subscription.
    • Supports authentication with a service bus connection string as well as with the AAD credentials from @azure/identity.

Breaking Changes from Last Preview

  • ServiceBusClient.createSender() which was made async in the previous preview to include the link initialization is no longer async. Instead, the sender now has an open() method that can be used to proactively initialize the link.
  • Receiver/SessionReceiver.browseMessages() has been renamed to Receiver/SessionReceiver.peekMessages().

Key Bug Fixes

  • Improves the performance of the ServiceBusMessageBatch.tryAdd method.

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