The Azure SDK team is pleased to make available the May 2020 client library GA release.

This release includes the following:


  • Storage Blob
  • Storage File Datalake
  • Event Hub


  • Identity
  • Search
  • Service Bus
  • Form Recognizer

Installation Instructions

To install the latest preview version of the packages, copy and paste the following commands into a terminal:

pip install azure-appconfiguration
pip install azure-eventhub
pip install azure-eventhub-checkpointstoreblob
pip install azure-eventhub-checkpointstoreblob-aio
pip install azure-storage-blob
pip install azure-storage-file-datalake
pip install azure-storage-file-share
pip install azure-storage-queue
pip install azure-keyvault-certificates
pip install azure-keyvault-keys
pip install azure-keyvault-secrets
pip install --pre azure-identity
pip install --pre azure-ai-textanalytics
pip install --pre azure-search-documents
pip install --pre azure-servicebus
pip install azure-ai-formrecognizer


If you have a bug or feature request for one of the libraries, please post an issue to GitHub.



Blob Changelog

  • This release contains bug fixes to improve the quality of the library

File Data Lake Changelog

  • This release contains bug fixes to improve the quality of the library

Event Hubs Changelog

  • EventHubProducerClient.send_batch accepts either an EventDataBatch or a finite list of EventData. #9181
  • Added enqueueTime to span links of distributed tracing. #9599
  • Fixed a bug that turned azure.eventhub.EventhubConsumerClient into an exclusive receiver when it has no checkpoint store. #11181
  • Updated uAMQP dependency to 1.2.7.
    • Fixed bug in setting certificate of tlsio on MacOS. #7201
    • Fixed bug that caused segmentation fault in network tracing on MacOS when setting logging_enable to True in EventHubConsumerClient and EventHubProducerClient.

Identity Changelog

  • DefaultAzureCredential can authenticate as the user signed in to Visual Studio Code’s Azure Account extension. No configuration is required. This feature is not yet supported on Python 2.7 on Linux.
  • DeviceCodeCredential caches tokens in memory
  • New API allowing applications to control when DeviceCodeCredential and InteractiveBrowserCredential prompt for authentication. See the full changelog for more details.

Search Changelog

  • Add service sub-clients for Skillsets, Synonym Maps, and Indexers operations
  • Add helpers for defining Search Index fields
  • SearchIndexClient renamed to SearchClient

Service Bus Changelog

  • This release continues to move towards feature parity with the existing sdk. Recommend reading migration guide and full changelog for details.
  • Support for topics and subscriptions.
  • Support for message scheduling and cancellation.
  • Support for implicitly sending a list of messages as a batch, for ease of use.
  • Reorganization and polish of exception hierarchy, to both better align with idiomatic error responses and provide internal consistency.

Form Recognizer Changelog

  • This release contains bug fixes to improve quality
  • __repr__ has been added to all of the models

Key Bug Fixes

  • The Form Recognizer client libraries (versions 1.0.0b1 and 1.0.0b2) have a known bug which occurs when a multi-page document containing blank pages is analyzed by the recognize custom form methods (without labels). If the parameter include_text_content is set to True, the text_content attribute will not be populated with any data.

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