The Azure SDK team is pleased to make available the January 2020 client library release. This represents the seventh release of the ground-up rewrite of the client libraries to ensure consistency, idiomatic design, and excellent developer experience and productivity. This release includes:

  • libraries that are moving out of the preview stage.
    • Azure Event Hubs
    • Azure Key Vault for Certificates
    • Azure App Configuration
  • new preview for Azure Text Analytics

Installation Instructions

To install the packages, copy and paste the below into a terminal.

$> npm install @azure/app-configuration
$> npm install @azure/keyvault-certificates
$> npm install @azure/keyvault-keys
$> npm install @azure/keyvault-secrets
$> npm install @azure/event-hubs
$> npm install @azure/eventhubs-checkpointstore-blob
$> npm install @azure/storage-blob
$> npm install @azure/storage-file-share
$> npm install @azure/storage-file-datalake
$> npm install @azure/storage-queue
$> npm install @azure/ai-text-analytics


If you have a bug or feature request for one of the libraries, please post an issue at the azure-sdk-for-js repository


Detailed change logs for each of the libraries can be found in the source repository linked to in the Quick Links table. Below are some noteworthy changes in the current release.

Event Hubs

This release marks the general availability of the @azure/event-hubs library and the companion @azure/eventhubs-checkpointstore-blob package. Notable changes since the last preview are

  • Usage of the new code property on the MessagingError rather than name to identify the different kinds of errors that can occur when sending or receiving events.
  • The Event Hubs library now respects the values set in the environment variable AZURE_LOG_LEVEL to control the logging levels.
  • Event position is now passed via options to the subscribe() method to specify the starting position when receiving events in the absence of checkpoint store.
  • Improved retry and error handling when subscribing to events. The client will call your error handler when retry attempts are exhausted and then resume receiving events from the last checkpointed position.

Text Analytics

  • The new @azure/ai-text-analytics library supports only the Text Analytics Service v3.0-preview.1 API. The previous @azure/cognitiveservices-textanalytics library supported only earlier service versions.
  • Added support for:
    • Subscription key and AAD authentication.
    • Separation of Entity Recognition and Entity Linking.
    • Identification of Personally Identifiable Information.
    • Analyze Sentiment APIs including analysis for mixed sentiment.

Storage (File Shares, File Data Lake, Blobs, Queues)

  • Name properties on clients now support more kinds of endpoints(IPv4/v6 hosts, single word domains).

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