The Azure SDK team is pleased to announce our November 2019 client library releases. This represents the first GA release of a ground-up rewrite of our client libraries to ensure consistency, idiomatic design, productivity, and an excellent developer experience.

This release includes the following:


  • Storage (Blobs, Queues)
  • Key Vault (Secrets, Keys)
  • Identity


  • Storage (Files)
  • Event Hubs
  • Cosmos
  • App Configuration

Installation Instructions

To install the latest preview version of the packages, copy and paste the following commands into a terminal:

pip install --pre azure-cosmos
pip install --pre azure-eventhub
pip install --pre azure-eventhub-checkpointstoreblob-aio
pip install --pre azure-keyvault-certificates
pip install azure-keyvault-keys
pip install azure-keyvault-secrets
pip install azure-storage-blob
pip install --pre azure-storage-file-datalake
pip install --pre azure-storage-file-share
pip install azure-storage-queue
pip install --pre azure-appconfiguration
pip install azure-identity


If you have a bug or feature request for one of the libraries, please post an issue to GitHub.


Detailed change logs are linked to in the Quick Links below. Here are some critical call outs.


  • azure.cosmos.errors module deprecated and replaced by azure.cosmos.exceptions
  • The access condition parameters (access_condition, if_match, if_none_match) have been deprecated in favor of separate match_condition and etag parameters.
  • Added query Distinct, Offset and Limit support.

Event Hubs

  • Added support for tracing (issue #7153).
  • Added new boolean type parameter track_last_enqueued_event_properties in method EventHubClient.create_consumer().
  • Added new property last_enqueued_event_properties of EventHubConsumer which contains sequence_number, offset, enqueued_time and retrieval_time information.
  • Removed support for IoT Hub direct connection. EventHubs compatible connection string of an IoT Hub can be used to create EventHubClient and read properties or events from an IoT Hub.
  • Removed support for sending EventData to IoT Hub.
  • Removed parameter exception in method close() of EventHubConsumer and EventHubProcuer.

Key Vault

  • Restructured the Certificate, Key, and Secret models and renamed them to KeyVaultCertificate, KeyVaultKey, and KeyVaultSecret.
  • Renamed methods to more clearly reflect their intended uses.
  • Both async and sync versions of deleting and recovering keys and secrets now return pollers that can be awaited if necessary
  • For more specific details about these changes, see the respective certificate, key, and secret changelogs.


  • The first preview for azure-storage-file-datalake has been released to allow accessing Azure Storage data with DataLake semantics when hierarchical namespace is enabled
  • is now
    • The package is renamed from azure-storage-file to azure-storage-file-share along with renamed client modules.
  • New API for stream download responses for blobs and files. This object is no longer iterable.
  • Client and model modules are now internal.
  • Changed optional params to keyword only in queues and files.
  • enqueue_message is now called send_message in queues.
  • Other breaking changes like renaming LeaseClient in blobs to BlobLeaseClient.

App Configuration

  • Etag and match_condition of delete_configuration_setting are now keyword argument only


  • DefaultAzureCredential accepts an authority keyword argument, enabling its use in national clouds
  • All credentials with tenant_id and client_id positional parameters now accept them in that order
  • Optional parameters for several credentials are now keyword arguments
  • Authenticating with a single sign-on shared with other Microsoft applications only requires a username when multiple users have signed in
  • Async credentials default to aiohttp for transport
  • Known issue (#8292): DefaultAzureCredential and SharedTokenCredential raise exceptions on Python 3.8 on Windows
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