The Azure SDK team is pleased to make available the September 2019 client library preview release. This represents the third release of the ground-up rewrite of the client libraries to ensure consistency, idiomatic design, and excellent developer experience and productivity. This preview release includes new client libraries for Key Vault (keys and secrets), Event Hubs, Storage (blob, files and queues) and Cosmos.

Installation Instructions

To install the packages, copy and paste the below into a terminal.

$> npm install @azure/keyvault-keys@4.0.0-preview.5
$> npm install @azure/keyvault-secrets@4.0.0-preview.5
$> npm install @azure/keyvault-certificates@4.0.0-preview.5
$> npm install @azure/storage-queue@12.0.0-preview.3
$> npm install @azure/storage-file@12.0.0-preview.3
$> npm install @azure/storage-blob@12.0.0-preview.3
$> npm install @azure/event-hubs@5.0.0-preview.3


If you have a bug or feature request for one of the libraries, please post an issue at the azure-sdk-for-js repository


Detailed change logs are linked to in the Quick Links below. Here are some critical call outs.

Event Hubs

  • Introduces distributed, load-balanced event processing using the new @azure/eventhubs-checkpointstore-blob package for state management via Azure Blob Storage
  • Supports persistent checkpointing – one processor can pick up where another left off
  • Error message improvements, additional exposed metadata

Key Vault

  • New @azure/keyvault-certificates library enables certificate management via key vault
  • Documentation improvements


  • Updates server side API to version 2019-02-02 with all associated features
  • Adds basic authentication for proxies
  • Adds support for batch blob upload operations
  • Adds support for explicit storage endpoints. This enables custom storage domains and separate endpoints for files, blobs, and queues

See Nov Release