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Meet the Azure team at KubeCon + Azure Day - Give us a 🌟 on GitHub

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It's 30DaysOfIA

Let’s ride the buzz of AI with the focus on building intelligent apps using cloud-native technologies. #BuildIntelligentApps brings to you a learning journey to build your skills on creating differentiated experiences while modernizing your applications. It’s time to learn it all.

What We'll Cover


Get Ready To #BuildIntelligentApps starting September 18!

Today, we kick off with content and activities to skill you up on all things Intelligent Apps or AI Apps on Azure with content, events, and community interactions! Read on to learn about what is coming!

Explore Our Initiatives

We have a number of initiatives planned for the month to help you learn and skill up on relevant technologies. Click on the links to visit the relevant pages for each


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What are 4 things you can do today, to jumpstart your learning journey?

#30Days Of Intelligent Apps

#30DaysOfIA is a series of daily blog posts grouped into themed weeks - taking you from core concepts to end-to-end solution examples in 30 days. Each article will provide conceptual lessons paired with exercises and resources to help you reinforce learnings and take next steps.

This series takes you through learning journey in six stages, each building on the previous week to help you skill up in a beginner-friendly way:

We will start with defining intelligent apps and then expand on how to build with cloud-native technologies like Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Container Apps and Azure Functions, and take you through end-to-end scenarios for real world application development. Before we dive deep on intelligent apps, here is a high-level overview of the Intelligent Apps landscape on Azure:


Containers on Azure services offer you a wide range of capabilities, from simplicity to control to suit your different needs.

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To start with the basics for developing Kubernetes applications, explore #30DaysOfCloudNative.

Cloud-native development when paired with serverless computing enhances your solution architecture for building cost optimized, resilient applications.


To start with the basics for serverless computing, explore #30DaysOfServerless.

Let’s Get Started

Now you know everything! We hope you are as excited as we are to dive into a full month of active learning and doing! Don't forget to subscribe for updates in your favorite feed reader! And look out for our first Intelligent Apps post tomorrow!