Configuration Concepts

This section presents conceptual information to help you with Avere OS cluster configuration tasks.

If you don’t want to read the background information, skip to Avere Control Panel Settings to learn which configuration pages have the settings you want to adjust.

Integrating Back-End Storage

To learn more about adding storage systems to an Avere cluster, read these sections.

Managing Client Access

These sections explain how to define a virtual filesystem for clients and how to manage export access.


The information in thes sections gives a partial explanation of how to set up SMB access for an Avere cluster. Additional documentation is being developed; contact Avere Global Services for assistance if needed.


These sections give basic information about configuring networks for an Avere cluster.

Authentication Services

Read these sections to learn more about client authentication in the Avere cluster.

Cache Management

These sections give information about caching features.

updated 2017-11-15