Using Web Proxies with Avere OS

This article gives basic information about using web proxies with an Avere Edge Filer.

Many companies’s IT security policies require use of a proxy server to access cloud services. A proxy server can be used to avoid exposing infrastructure details about your system.

Proxy Use Cases

Here are some common scenarios in an Avere Edge Filer system that can be made more secure with a proxy server:

Support Uploads
The Avere cluster includes a Secure Proactive Support system that automatically sends system information, status reports, and crash data to Avere Global Services. This system can be enabled or disabled on the Cluster > Support page.
Software Update Downloads
You can download and install updated software packages from the Avere Control Panel on the Administration > Software Update page.
Communication with Cloud Resources
If you use cloud core filers or cloud-hosted vFXTs, a proxy server can improve security when interacting with commercially available cloud computing services.
Cluster Administration and Monitoring
The main cluster administration tool, Avere Control Panel, is accessed over an internet connection to the cluster.

Proxy Support

Avere OS supports transparent or nontransparent proxies. HTTP and HTTPS proxies are supported; SOCKS proxies cannot be used.

Note that authentication is unencrypted - proxy servers requiring encrypted transmissions are unsupported. Usernames and passwords are transmitted in plain text.

Proxies are not supported for communication between the Avere cluster and NAS core filers.

Configuring a Proxy for Avere OS

There are three steps to setting up a proxy server to use with your Avere cluster:

  1. Install and configure the proxy server.

    The exact steps depend on the type of proxy server you use and your network configuration. Include the Whitelisted Domains information listed below.

  2. Create a Proxy Configuration in the Avere Control Panel.

    Use the Cluster > Proxy Configuration page to create a configuration that includes the proxy server URL and the username and password to use when connecting.

  3. Apply the proxy configuration to the cluster or to an individual cloud core filer.

    You can select a proxy configuration for the cluster on the Cluster > General Setup page. This setting affects internet communication from cluster nodes - for example, uploading support data or downloading software updates.

    You can select a proxy server for a cloud core filer on the Core Filer > Core Filer Details page. This proxy configuration handles traffic between the cluster and the cloud core filer.

    There also is a proxy for vFXTs that is selected from the Cluster Manager interface.

Whitelisted Domains

Avere Systems, Inc. recommends including the following domains in the permitted access list (whitelist) for your proxy server.

Domain Name Description Notes Avere software updates Allow the IP range to pass through your firewall on port 443    
updated 2017-11-15