Avere Legacy Documentation

This page hosts documentation for Avere Systems legacy products.

Note: For current information about recent storage products that use this technology, read Microsoft Azure Documentation. Products include:

Follow the links below to read or download documents for legacy products.


Cluster Configuration and Operation

Cluster operations guide documents explain the features of the Avere operating system and give a reference for how to configure settings. Topics include cluster configuration, monitoring, and data management tasks.

For sites without external website access, a PDF or static HTML archive of the current web documentation is available on request.

Supplemental Documents

These documents give extra detail and examples for specific Avere OS features.

Command-Line API Reference

A command-line XML-RPC API also is available for advanced configuration of Avere clusters. This document is only a command reference; please contact Microsoft Customer Service and Support (formerly Avere Global Services) for assistance with command-line configuration.


Avere OS Release Notes

Release notes describe software changes in the latest release. Changes can include new features as well as feature changes and bug fixes. Release notes documents are organized by major version (for example, 4.7) and include information about the latest available release as well as an archive of notes for older releases in that version.

To obtain release notes for older versions of Avere OS, contact Microsoft Customer Service and Support (formerly Avere Global Services).


Avere Cluster Installation Guides

Cluster installation guides lead you through the process of getting Avere FXT or vFXT nodes up and running as an Avere cluster.

Hardware Installation Guides

Hardware installation guides document unboxing, racking, cabling, and troubleshooting Avere's FXT hardware appliances. Operating specs and regulatory compliance information also is included.

Hardware Cluster Creation Guide

The Avere FXT Cluster Creation Guide gives step-by-step instructions for creating an Avere cluster using FXT hardware. This is the next step after installing your FXT nodes.

vFXT Installation Guides

Instructions for creating virtual FXT (vFXT) clusters on various supported cloud computing services.


Hardware Field Service Guides

FXT 5000 Series

FXT 4000 Series and Earlier


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