Resource Owner Password Credential (ropc)


Microsoft recommends you do not use the ROPC flow


ROPC is not supported in hybrid identity federation scenarios (for example, Azure AD and ADFS used to authenticate on-premises accounts). If users are redirected to an on-premises identity providers, Azure AD is not able to test the username and password against that identity provider. Pass-through authentication is supported with ROPC, however. It also does not work when MFA policy is enabled Personal accounts that are invited to an Azure AD tenant can’t use ROPC

In this login mode, the access token and refresh token will be cached at ${HOME}/.kube/cache/kubelogin directory. This path can be overriden by --token-cache-dir.

Usage Examples

export KUBECONFIG=/path/to/kubeconfig

kubelogin convert-kubeconfig -l ropc


kubectl get nodes