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Hydration Kit

Create Policy Reader Role

New-AzPolicyReaderRole creates a custom role EPAC Resource Policy Reader with Id 2baa1a7c-6807-46af-8b16-5e9d03fba029. It provides read access to all Policy resources for the purpose of planning the EPAC deployments at the scope selected with PacEnvironmentSelector. The permissions granted are:

  • Microsoft.Authorization/policyassignments/read
  • Microsoft.Authorization/policydefinitions/read
  • Microsoft.Authorization/policyexemptions/read
  • Microsoft.Authorization/policysetdefinitions/read
  • Microsoft.Authorization/roleAssignments/read
  • Microsoft.PolicyInsights/*
  • Microsoft.Management/register/action
  • Microsoft.Management/managementGroups/read

Create Azure DevOps Pipeline or GitHub Workflow

New-PipelinesFromStarterKit creates a new Azure DevOps Pipeline or GitHub Workflow from the starter kit. This script copies pipelines and templates from the starter kit to a new folder. The script assembles the pipelines/workflows based on the type of pipeline to create, the branching flow to implement, and the type of script to use.

-StarterKitFolder <String>

-PipelinesFolder <String>

-PipelineType <String> - AzureDevOps or GitHubActions; default is AzureDevOps

-BranchingFlow <String> - Release or GitHub (flow); default is Release

-ScriptType <String> - scripts (in your repo) or module (from PowerShell gallery); default is module