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Policy Definitions

Policy Definition Files

Policy definition files are managed within the folder policyDefinitions under Definitions. The Policy definition files are structured based on the official Azure Policy definition structure published by Microsoft. There are numerous definition samples available on Microsoft's GitHub repository for azure-policy.

The names of the definition JSON files don't matter, the Policy and Policy Set definitions are registered based on the name attribute. The solution also allows the use of JSON with comments by using .jsonc instead of .json for the file extension.

JSON Schema

The GitHub repo contains a JSON schema which can be used in tools such as VS Code to provide code completion.

To utilize the schema add a $schema tag to the JSON file.

  "$schema": ""

This schema is new in v7.4.x and may not be complete. Please let us know if we missed anything.


  • "name" is required and should be unique. It can be a GUID or a unique short name.
  • "category" should be one of the standard ones defined in built-in Policies.
  • Do not specify an id. The solution will ignore it.
  • Make the effect parameterized. Always use the parameter name effect.
  • Whenever feasible, provide a defaultValue for parameters, especially for the effect parameter.
  • Policy aliases are used by Azure Policy to refer to resource type properties in the if condition and in existenceCondition:


It is customary to include a category and a version in the metadata section. The category should be one of the standard ones defined in built-in Policies. The version should be a semantic version number.

EPAC injects deployedBy into the metadata section. This is a string that identifies the deployment source. It defaults to epac/$pacOwnerId/$pacSelector. You can override this value in global-settings.jsonc

Not recommended: Adding deployedBy to the metadata section in the Policy definition file will override the value for this definition only from global-settings.jsonc or default value.


    "name": "Newly created GUID",
    "properties": {
        "displayName": "Policy Display Name",
        "policyType": "Custom",
        "mode": "All",
        "description": "Policy Description",
        "metadata": {
            "version": "1.0.0",
            "category": "Your Category"
        "parameters": {
            "effect": {
                "type": "String",
                "metadata": {
                    "displayName": "Effect",
                    "description": "Enable or disable the execution of the policy",
                "allowedValues": [
                "defaultValue": "Audit"
            "YourParameter": {
                "type": "String",
                "metadata": {
                    "displayName": "YourParameter",
                    "description": "Your Parameter Description"
        "policyRule": {
            "if": {
                "Insert Logic Here"
            "then": {
                "effect": "[parameters('effect')]",