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The Application Gateway Ingress Controller allows the Azure Application Gateway to be used as the ingress for an Azure Kubernetes Service aka AKS cluster. As shown in the figure below, the ingress controller runs as a pod within the AKS cluster. It consumes Kubernetes Ingress Resources and converts them to an Azure Application Gateway configuration which allows the gateway to load-balance traffic to Kubernetes pods.

Azure Application Gateway + AKS



Refer to the tutorials to understand how you can expose an AKS service over HTTP or HTTPS, to the internet, using an Azure Application Gateway.


The Kubernetes Ingress specification does not allow all features of Application Gateway to be exposed through the ingress resource. Therefore we have introduced application gateway ingress controller specific annotations to expose application gateway features through an ingress resource. Please refer to the annotations to understand the various annotations supported by the ingress controller, and the corresponding features that can be turned on in the application gateway for a given annotation.

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