Logging Levels

AGIC has 3 logging levels. Level 1 is the default one and it shows minimal number of log lines. Level 5, on the other hand, would display all logs, including sanitized contents of config applied to ARM.

The Kubernetes community has established 9 levels of logging for the kubectl tool. In this repository we are utilizing 3 of these, with similar semantics:

Verbosity Description
1 Default log level; shows startup details, warnings and errors
3 Extended information about events and changes; lists of created objects
5 Logs marshaled objects; shows sanitized JSON config applied to ARM

The verbosity levels are adjustable via the verbosityLevel variable in the helm-config.yaml file. Increase verbosity level to 5 to get the JSON config dispatched to ARM: - add verbosityLevel: 5 on a line by itself in helm-config.yaml and re-install - get logs with kubectl logs <pod-name> -n <namespace>