Custom Ingress Class

Minimum version: 1.3.0

Custom ingress class allows you to customize the ingress class selector that AGIC will use when filtering the ingress manifests. AGIC uses azure/application-gateway as default ingress class. This will allow you to target multiple AGICs on a single namespace as each AGIC can now use it's own ingress class.

For instance, AGIC with ingress class agic-public can serves public traffic, and AGIC wit agic-private can serve "internal" traffic.

To use a custom ingress class,

  1. Install AGIC by providing a value for kubernetes.ingressClass in helm config.

    helm install ./helm/ingress-azure \
        --name ingress-azure \
        -f helm-config.yaml
        --set kubernetes.ingressClass  arbitrary-class

  2. Then, change your ingress manifest's annotation to match the value provided to AGIC.

    kind: Ingress
    name: go-server-ingress-affinity
    namespace: test-ag
    annotations: arbitrary-class
    - http:
        - path: /hello/
            serviceName: go-server-service
            servicePort: 80