Term Description Example
SaaS Vendor or ISV The entity that owns the application and code and sells the SaaS product. Contoso Inc.
Solution The application the SaaS Vendor is selling Contoso BadgeMeUp
Tenant Instance of the said application that one can purchase/subscribe to Contoso Stadium, Joe’s Coffee Shop, Lucerne Publishing
Global Admin People who work for the SaaS Vendor that has access to see all data across the solution Jane from Contoso Operations
Tenant Admin People who purchase or administer an instance of the application Phil from Lucerne Publishing accounting, Joe, owner of Joe’s coffee shop
Customer People who use the application Sandy employee of Lucerne Publishing, Kathy, patron of Joe’s coffee shop
User Term includes Vendor Admin, Subscription Admin, or Customer. Used to describe everyone. Jane, Joe, Adam, Phil, Sandy, and Kathy are all users
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